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    This is one good readin, beauty pic, edacashnal thread!!
    Miles are on a road map, close to home is here
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      Nice story LilJo, sounds like you had some fun...

      But please, no more Spanish lessons. I have enough trouble with proper English

      Love, Spoiler
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        Sounds like a fun ride for you folks. I sure enjoyed riding in Arkansas at HSII. We rode some of those same roads if I'm not mistaken.
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          Originally posted by LilJo View Post
          Translation: "Y'all get in this house! It's supper time and you best not let the food get cold." Momma NEVER had to call twice. Ever. And the faster you ate the greater your chances of gettin' some seconds.

          To this day I eat like I ain't had nothin' to eat in 3 days. I get an hour for lunch and have it choked down in 5 minutes.
          And may I add, this is WITHOUT Tina and you work at the SAME building!!! You sir, are pathetic! (But fun!)

          Originally posted by LilJo View Post
          Now, back to Highway 123....
          The main road leading up is Scenic Highway 7 out of Hot Springs. It is a fantastic road in itself, but you got to get lucky with the traffic. Best time is early morning on the weekends, especially Sunday. From my house, you can be on Highway 7 North in about 25-30 minutes. It REALLY smacks of the Cherohala in the way it is configured, and even cuts through the mountains the same way although it is heading north-south where the Cherohala is pretty much East-West. The Smokies run north-south, but the Ouachitas and Ozarks run East-West. I understand it is the only mountain range that does so in the world.

          At any rate, Highway 7 is almost entirely real good pavement, no worries about gravel washin' out onto the roadway, banked curves (and lot's of 'em), big long hills and deep hollers, plenty of sight seeing stop offs and rest areas with restrooms, and you might want to top off your tank in the lil town of Ola. If you want to see a couple of hundred motorcycles from all over America, hang out at the store for an hour or so.

          Catch 7 when traffic is heavier and it ain't that big a deal. There are places to pass, and make good use of 'em. My philosophy on group rides is just stay bunched and stay patient. If you get behind slow vehicles chances are they are locals and not going that far anyway. Don't split up the group by passin' a bunch. After all, if you are on 7, you are headed to some REAL GOOD roads, and will get PLENTY of all the rippin' an' tearin' you want before the day is over.

          Next week when me and lil Tina head out, I'll be makin' the Talimena Byway and then over to and up the Pig Trail. I'm gonna explore a few other roads up in there that I ain't been on in a while and see what we can discover. Jump on Arkansas 9 and you will have fun. Jump on Arkansas 10 and you will have fun. Take 16 for a spin; yep, fun times all around. Take 27 from end to end and tell me what you think. Jump on 64 and just go an go and go.

          Come get with me and let's leave out of my hometown and take Highway 70W clear up and out and across Oklahoma. PURTY. And FAST.

          Lots to see and plenty of great riding here in Arkansas. And, after sayin' all that, point my bike towards SE TennySaw and you'll see the teeth in the back of my neck I'll be grinnin' so big.
          Gospel here according to St. Kevin! ;-)

          Ark. 7 is a road to behold. Just a great riding road IMHO. It is a fast road compared to many of the other roads that come to mind. The northern section of this road has some GREAT vistas to behold. I would compare them with many parts of the Appalachians. Just great scenery and peoples! (Kevin and Tina not withstanding mind you!)

          The Pig Trail AKA Hwy 23, has some tight curves that must be taken slower than Hwy 7. Both are North/South roads so, you cross the mountains going up or down.

          As was told by another friend of mine, when you get in NW Ark, you ALMOST CAN'T pick a bad road! They are all good with some just a little better than others.

          Hey Kevin, we gots ta go up Hwy 103 fer sum pie dood! ;-)
          It STILL don't make me no nevermind!
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            This happened about 17 miles from my house. I've had to deal with yellowjackets all my life. It's just one more thing that growing up here and spending a lot of your life in and around the woods, you learn about. This man was covered clean up with 'em by the time authorities arrived.

            Prayers up for the family of Bill Lewis. Tragic and terrible way to go right there, y'all.

            Ride EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. Father Time is undefeated.

            Ride in Peace, Ricky "Rubberdown" Massey
            Ride Forever Free, Larry Weaver
            See you on the other side, Jeff.

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              Originally posted by Mittens View Post
              That made me laugh!
              JC turned me on to them Blue Jackets when he was down here in July. We watched 'em a few times on TV, and I ain't kiddin' man....Now I don't know nothin' bout hockiney, you understand, but that other bunch was out there skatin' around and all of a sudden one of them Blue Jackets busted him up against a glass wall and shook the whole section of the buildin' where folks were sittin'.

              Don't tell me them summitches ain't aggressive...

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              Originally posted by Cuppa Joe View Post
              [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1113467[/ATTACH] Blue Jacket Wasp
              oh dear god, i seen them big Japanese hornet things and the regular hornet things, but i never seen no blue jackets. i would run off screaming like a little gurl if i ever seen one of them thangs!

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              That's a pretty blue on that jacket.