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    With winter not that far around the corner I decided to start looking for some cool and cold weather riding pants. I have the full set of Gerbing (tm) electrically heated liners and they do a great job of keeping me warm. The problem is that if I am wearing jeans that I still have to wear chaps or insulated nylon ski-style pants to cut down on air infiltration and if it rains, I have to stop, take the chaps off, and then put my rain pants on. There are a lot of times where there is just nowhere to pull over to change and you can get pretty wet in a hurry on a motorcycle. Getting wet while riding in the summer is an inconvenience, in the winter it quickly lead to hypothermia. So I wanted something that I could wear all fall, winter, and spring that would be warm, windproof and waterproof. I think that I hit the jackpot.

    I ordered a pair of Fieldsheer Mercury Pants from

    They were delivered today and I was impressed. They are heavy, very well made, and they have CE armor in the knees and the hips. The fit was very good, but order a size larger than you normally wear if you are going to wear them as over-pants. The have a zip out insulated liner and there are some vents around the knees to let in some air on warmer days. After wearing them on a ride late today and tonight, I can tell you that they are really comfortable and incredibly warm, toasty to be exact. It was in the mid-60's when I riding and while not cold, it is a bit nippy at 55 mph. The pants were warmer than my insulated touring jacket and it is good down to around 40 degrees without any supplemental heat. Considering that your legs can take a lot lower temperatures without discomfort, my guess is that these pants with some nice wool long-underwear could do the job down to freezing, maybe lower.

    The only downside that I noticed is that these are heavy pants constructed to take a lot of abuse and keep you warm in the and dry at the same time, they are not what I would want to wear while walking long distances after parking my Dyna Glide. If you wear them as over-pants, they do have full length zippers that let you put them on and take them off easily, then you could take them off when you get where you are going and then put them back on again when you leave.

    I know that a lot of riders prefer leather pants because they are windproof and they look more like something that a Harley rider should be wearing. The problem with leather is that it is cold and it will absorb water. Leather looks good and it is great in a slide, but it is not a good material for cold or wet weather.

    If you do much cool or cold weather riding, these pants are definitely worth a second look. At $99 a pair, they are a real bargain too.

    You can hit the link that I posted above for all the details.

    Pete Bucy
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    If these are anywhere near the quality of my Fieldsheer riding jacket, they are great. I bought the matching jacket last year for cold weather (under40F) riding, since my sled doesn't stay in the garage during the winter months. I think that I will purchase a pair of these to go with instead of installing the lowers for winter riding. BTW Motorcycle Closeouts has fantastic service also! Thanks for the tip!
    Bill M.
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      That's good to know Pete. Layered for easy off would be something I would use and for the price which includes armor....that's not a bad deal at all! Thakns for posting!
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        Thats a great price, and all it does all winter is rain here, Thanks Pete, I'll be getting me some of those.
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          Update -

          I took a ride to Mt. Mitchell today via NC 80 and came home via the Blue Ridge Parkway though Blowing Rock, NC. The temperature at the top of Mt. Mitchell as a balmy 52 degrees, a lot warmer than I would have expected considering it was 55 on the parkway. The pants performed great. They are comfortable, windproof, and warm. While the 50's are not winter temperatures, it was a good test to see how the pants would perform over a six-hour ride with about 4 hours of that at an average of 55 degrees. I was impressed. One of the minor features of the pants that shows great attention to detail was how the back of the pants is higher than the front. This protects your back from cold wind and it would also give you some protection in a slide. When walking around the pants didn't feel anywhere near as heavy as I had anticipated. They move well and don't restrict your motion.

          The sun sets quick in the mountains; the shadows created by the peaks along with a very shaded road make it seem like it's later than it really is. Without the suns energy, it gets cold quick. The ride back from Mt. Mitchell to Blowing rock was a mix of being on the sunny side of the mountain then being almost in the dark. It was a good test of the riding pants ability to keep me warm, which they did better than any riding pants that I have ever worn. They were both warmer and more windproof than my snowboard pants. Being made from a very heavy textile, they were stable in the wind as well as windproof. A lot of riders don't notice this, but wearing pants or a jacket that flaps in the wind all day long takes away from the ride; at least it does for me. One of the things that I liked the most about my Fox Creek heavy leather chaps was that they really smoothed out the air. Unfortunately, chaps are do not provide any protection from wind or cold to an area of my anatomy that I prefer not to get frostbite.

          The pants in concert with my Tourmaster Transitions touring jacket make a good team. They should both work well down to somewhere in the mid 40's as worn today and a lot lower if worn over long underwear, and some good insulated clothe under them. Of course the duration of the ride has a lot to do with what temperatures you can endure. Longer rides wear the rider down and cause more loss of heat and endurance.

          These would great pants at twice the price.
          Pete Bucy
          Herd Member #60.