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DEBRIX Cycles - Anyone use them?

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  • DEBRIX Cycles - Anyone use them?

    i was about to order a springer classic/heritage springer headlight mount and thought id do a background check on what i found was unexpected i dont like to perpetuate rumors but i dont think what i read qualifys as rumor as many members on other forums have been repeatedly ripped off lots and always the same response..there is none.
    sure ebay will get your money back ,but what a hassle..
    they list really low prices which is the hook but if they dont actually have the parts or dont ship and or refund then its really not a lower prices infact its the opposite..what made me check them out is i wanted to call and order the parts but no phone number is listed nor is an address hmmm that is kinda shady right there i googled them and no phone or addy is found but lots of negative feedback..
    so im looking for any members who have used them i would like to hear from you
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    Bought set of footpegs identical to Kuraykyn Iso's from them, then the chrome master cylinder cover for my Sporty. 1st order came pretty much on time, 2nd was almost a week overdue.
    Seems to be quality merchandise and looks really good on my bike. Ordered straight off their website. PM me if you have any more questions.
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      kool thanks for the input ..i really like the price lol ,and seems to be the only place to get the oem style mount cant find it anywhere else tried jp and drag
      maybe ill bite the bullet and order tomorrow
      09 Softail Springer FLSTFBT "AKA" Heritage Fatbones Touring

      herd #148