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Ipod,Iphone,mp3,zumo, booster amp.

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  • Ipod,Iphone,mp3,zumo, booster amp.

    This gizmo is supposed to work good when plugging an mp3 type device into the Aux. input of your cd player. I mainly listen to Pandora Radio in my truck through an aux input and plan on putting a stereo on the bike soon. There is a definite loss of volume compared to CD when using an mp3 type device. This thing claims a 400% boost. It boosts the input before the aux. input. The price is right too!

    Found out about it on another forum and in the testimonial section of this site there are some HD riders talking good about it.
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    My Pioneer and Sony radios have an input level adjustment. The instructions say to set the volume of the radio to a comfortable level, and adjust the CD, and mp3 input levels to match.
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      I have both a iPod and iPhone, I use them and like them between both items 32 gigs of music about 1500 songs. Works great and easy to use
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