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$100. bucks for a decent power amp!

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  • $100. bucks for a decent power amp!

    I have been wanting a stereo in my 02 Electra Glide Standard for quite a while now. So.. I have been looking at the bike stereo manufacturer's websites. Lowest price I could find for an amp was from a well known place that wanted $350. for an amp that would put out 32 watts per channel. Average cd players/head units put out 17. I am not impressed.

    Alpine recently came out with an amp that puts out 45 watts per channel and is as compact as some of the MC companies amps. Alpine realized that some people would like to have an amp but don't want to go through the wiring hassle of wires under the mats and mounting in the trunk of a car. Pretty smart move.

    This unit is plug and play. You hook it up between the head unit and wiring harness. Which most cars have the room for in the dash. Only catch is that it only hooks up to Alpine head units that are five years old or newer.

    ABC Wherehouse has them on sale for $99. right now and you can get a decent alpine head unit online for $150-$200. Even though they're not a 100% waterproof I think it's a no brainer. I have read good reviews on this amp. I'm thinking heat shrink around the connections to help with the waterproofing.

    Here's a link.
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    Here is what I did. First, I HATE riding next to a car with the radio blasting RAP-CRAP, so I won't do that to others. I bought a Jensen radio at Wal-Mart for $100. 25 watts per channel. Also, Harley radios only play MP3 configured Cd's. At the best, that would be 20 songs per disk. Jensen, Pioneer, or Sony radios will play data formatted Cd's. That is 2 or 3 HUNDRED songs per CD. Also the Jensen has a SD slot. Anyway, I wired a headphone jack on my dash plate, and installed Sony Studio headphones in my helmet (took the head strap off and used Velcro to stick them in the ear cups of the helmet. I can now listen to Rick Wakeman with the volume turned up til my eyes bleed and not bother anyone. When we are in Arizona (no helmet law) I use ear buds. Also mounted switches to turn off the headphones or front speakers. I'll take pictures if you need them.

    Good Luck!
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      Good info Screwball! For some reason I have never cared for headphones, home or on the road. Man.. I gotta dig up the Rick Wakeman stuff, used to listen to the "six wives of Henry the eight'th" alot back in the day!!!
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