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    Bunched a thread to this!

    Originally posted by Osco* View Post
    Ok Guys, My black sporty tank had the gas stain on it an I waxed it out a while back,,no biggie.
    Now I've got a few little dribble spots,,someof us old guys have this problem btw,,anyways I tried to Wax it out an I didn't work this time. I'm usin maguiers,,the good stuff. What do I need to do wax it again and rub harder ??
    Originally posted by Dave63 View Post
    With black, it's hard to get stains or imperfections out by hand, vs a machine. I use a buffer with a finishing pad on it and a mild polish for imperfections and swirls like that. By takes forever, with minimal results.
    Originally posted by CLL375 View Post
    I do a lot of detailing on bikes and cars and I can tell you not to rub harder. Harley's clear is very soft and rubbing hard will cause swirl marks or worse, scratches. I use a Porter Cable orbital on most bikes because its smaller. With a good polishing pad and some all in one polishing/wax it will stay looking good. I use 3M Ultra Fine on all black or dark paint. That stuff is magic on a bottle.
    Originally posted by CLL375 View Post
    Sorry, I miss spoke. Its the Porter Cable dual action. I just read what I wrote. I use the PC 7424 with Lake Country pads.
    Originally posted by Crocodile56 View Post
    CLL375, ever use 3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound #06085?
    Originally posted by Dave63 View Post
    Yes, once the science is figured out. HD spent MILLIONS developing a booth and method for their powdercoating. It's more resilient to chipping and flexing and the finish looks 3" thick.

    I've found a good way to knock mild scratches and imperfections off powder coating is to lightly sand it with 0000 steel wool and then polish it with a finishing polish, (not compound) with a rotory buffer and a sponge finishing pad.
    Originally posted by Ironhead View Post
    Croc, this is what I use to polish CC.
    I wetsand with 1000, then 1500, then 2000
    then use 3M rubbing compound (can't remember number or "name")
    then the perfect-it

    get a damn good shine
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