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Tank Bag on my new Ultra

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  • Tank Bag on my new Ultra

    So I've always liked having a tank bag on my other rides, but the idea of throwing a magnetic bag on the tank and eventually scratching the crap out of the paint, was not an option. So I came up with this idea. I'm not a machinist, so I made the stand-off's out of hard maple and the plate using .080 mild steel. The Givi bag has super strong magnets and does not move. It have 12 volts going to it, so it's perfect for charging something and keeping my I-Pod secure when It's plugged into the stereo. Can't see ever removing it, but I would only need to replace the plastic center piece on the dash to put it back to stock.

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    That's a nice looking setup. Reminds Me of the 1957 Triumph 650 ThunderBird I once had, it had a real nice rack on top of the tank.
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