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1999 Softail FXSTC custom Brake pads

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  • 1999 Softail FXSTC custom Brake pads

    Anyone know what type of pads are on the front wheel ? Metalic, Semi-metalic, Organic
    Dealers I've called don't seem to know ??

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    I thought it was Organic but I never owned a Softail. Hope someone else knows the answer....
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      Look at the original pads. If You can see shiny bits of silver looking stuff in there then they are metallic, if they have a yellowish looking shine then the pads are embedded with brass.
      If there is no shiny particles then they are an organic material.
      If installing new pads. I avoid the ones with the silver shiny bits in them, that is steel and, steel against the steel rotors will wear the rotors a lot faster, of the two other choices, if the organic is not available, I will go with the brass as it is a lot more gentle on the rotors. Rotors should be able to go for about the life of the motorcycle if the metallic pads can be avoided.
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        I did find one dealer who said they were Semi-metalic. Not sure about the Brass v steel.


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          To Me, semi metallic is real shiny with steel grindings.
          I know there are companies that make brake pads for the Harleys with no steel in them. That would sure save on the calipers.
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