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Worst pinion runout you've seen

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  • Worst pinion runout you've seen

    what is the worst pinion runout you've seen?

    Mine is so bad it makes me wonder am I doing it wrong.
    I measured twice, first time I got .025 and the second time .038. My oil pump was shattered inside so I do believe it to be way out though.
    Looking to replace the 88 with a 103 longblock from Harley I guess.

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    I dont know what the specs is on the runout but I dont think 2.5 thousandths would be too much. Maybe Dave or someone with the book will jump in and let us know. If it was .250 then there would be a huge concern.
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      Google harley pinion shaft runout tc88 , a bunch of data pops up. Your .025 does not seem bad.