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  • Upgrades this Season

    Long winter for most of us. What MODS did you do to your scooter this year? Post up!

    SE Stage 1
    More Bling
    More Chrome
    2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
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    I added/modified/changed the following:

    V&H Big Shots Staggered Black (The sound of Heaven...)
    Ness Big Sucker
    HD Crossbones Gloss Black Air Cleaner Cover
    Drag Specialities Gloss Black Round Horn Cover
    HD Edge Cut Series Levers
    HD Edge Cut Series Mirrors
    HD Low Rider Highway mounts and pegs
    Front Axle Covers Black

    My wife told me she didn't like the stock plate holder and how it positioned the plate so I recently bought a Kuryakan curved laydown plate holder. It was sent off to be powder coated gloss black with the hardware left chrome. The shop called two days ago and it is done and ready to go. I can't wait t add this to the ride.

    I would take pics today but the Misses took the camera to Georgia...:(

    I'll get some pics up as soon as she returns.
    - Eric [HERD Member #123]
    US ARMY MP 1996 - 2003
    2011 FLHX103 Street Glide (His)
    2008 FXDB Street Bob (Hers)


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      Only a little bling and chrome!
      09 FLHRCI
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        V-Rod - progressive fork springs and shocks, chrome rad grills, new custom painted wicked air box cover, removed rear passenger pegs & brackets ( 20+lbs ). Not yet installed( parts waiting ) - new belt guards, license plate bracket, rear led which time the dogs ass will be removed.

        RG- progressive springs, Cee Bailey windshield, Hog Tunes amp, extra speakers and tweeter pod, custom painted lowers....

        There more but I can't remember! :)
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          Since I got my bike last June: 2009 1200L

          RK air shocks, PowerCommaner V, V&H short shots (black), SE intake, HD mini apes, new grips, relocated the speedo, custom tank raise, custom bracket for my indicator leds, custom key switch mount, wire tuck under tank, laydown tag, removed headlight brow and made custom bracket mounted headlight to lower fork brace.

          I think thats it?!?
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            Forgot about the Chrome light strip that goes over the fairing and windshield. I also added the rack bracket and sissy bar/backrest for Ms. Boss. I just picked up the backrest for me to use during longer trips!
            2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
            HERD MEMBER #00003


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              1. Fullsac true dual conversion
              2. Shorty rear turn signal mounts
              3. Braided Oil pressure Gage line
              4. Hooded Visor trim rings on all lights
              5. Sun-downer seat
              6. Fender skirt trim

              Not much, just a few items to make it more my own style.
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                I got the visor trim for the light as well and it looks much better!!!
                2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
                HERD MEMBER #00003


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                  I washed Ruby!!
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                    there must be something wrong with me.....ive been taking parts off and boxing up chrome do-dads. i did add a fuelpak and lower shocks to the glide

                    the fatty has pretty much remained the same with the exception of a few new gaskets in the leaky spots
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                      Lets see:
                      Race tech front springs
                      front fork cartridge emulators
                      new belt
                      new "B" lifters
                      primary and cam chest gaskets
                      new rocker box gaskets
                      re-chromed back rest-plater botched it really good last year...
                      gonna count the new tires-front and rear
                      L.E.D. tail light assembly
                      L.E.D. front light insert
                      tank Bra-(in the mail) thanks "SUPER"
                      progressive 412 (dyna) rear shocks with full chrome covers
                      modded battery box to allow cable space (negative cable)
                      (in process)-air ride front forks (still working with pump fitment issues )
                      gas cap cover ( HD )

                      oh yeh ! K&N air filter

                      and, i think thats about it.......g
                      U.S. Army "Retired"
                      (Disabled Veteran)


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                        That's 1/3 of a bike.....
                        2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
                        HERD MEMBER #00003


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                          Wow!! Mines pretty lame compared to some of you but here goes nothing (or next to nothing LOL)

                          Oil cooler
                          Oil and fluid change
                          Oil temp dipstick.....Jimmie
                          Engine guards
                          Road pegs
                          Drivers backrest
                          Harley calendar...OK so it's not on the bike but it is IN the bike garage and the wife gave it to me for a B'day present.
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                            I gots the Road Zep seat and the Gamin Jumo 660 for seein in the dark. Buildin a mount for the Gamin , hopefully today since I farmed up the yard yesterday.
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                              yes, it is !.....LOL !!!!
                              Originally posted by TheBoss View Post
                              That's 1/3 of a bike.....
                              U.S. Army "Retired"
                              (Disabled Veteran)