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    Many of you remember last November 6th, I told about (at HDF) my best friend who took out a deer on his bike. He broke his leg in several spots, and just as he was healing well and was starting to walk without crutches, he developed an infection between the metal plates in his leg and the bone. ...more surguries. he has lately been going thru a series of IV antibiotics, 3 times a day for the last 6 weeks, tomorrow should be his last day of it, depending on the blood test results. anyhow, those antibiotic treatments run over $600 a day.

    His bike insurance would not cover anything as there is a fine print clause in his policy that states animal strikes are not covered.

    He was/is self employeed and did not have health you can see that he is ina bad way right now

    -----fast forward------

    every year, we (in my town) put on a poker run, it started to raise money for the son of a local rider who died of a heart attack. after about 4 years, the family thanked us and told us to not worry about raising any more money for him and try to help someone else.
    So now every year, we pick a member of the community who has come upon bad times, etc and do the benefit for them that year. 2 years ago, we did it for a man who had a stroke and was out of work for quite a while, last year for a local woman who had stomache and colon cancer.

    This year, we have chosen my buddy Vance. He threw a fit about it (too much pride) but we told him he doesn't have a choice in the matter.

    Anyhow, we have auctions and raffles, etc after the actual run, which will be July 10th this summer. My question to you all, how many members here work for companies that might be willing to make a donation of product, online gift certificates, etc for an event such as this?
    Ride in Peace Wndchsr