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  • A Piece of History

    I was digging through my crap lookin for a Birth Certificate
    and I found something you all will find Interesting.
    A little History first,,,,,,
    Way Way back, Once apon a time a Young man, "Me" decided
    to get a Motorcycle In North Dakota while In the USAF.
    Turns out the Air force was deciding on what If any trainning Airmen
    should have. And I was one of the first to take the newly requierd
    Motorcycle training to be alowed to ride on base.
    My Squadron CO called me in and told me that after I completed the
    course I was to report back to him and tell Him what I thought.
    Then he read me something:::

    Interestingly some of the safest bikes seen on the road today are the
    scruffy, laid back,"Gang" types, who seem to have more respect for
    the dangers of the highway, and the traffic laws, than our average
    Airman going to work at 7:15 AM.
    These guys may not look very respectable, and certainly don't always
    follow the rules about wearing helmets, but as far as road smarts they
    put our military types to shame-- Mile for Mile their survival record Is
    Maybe we should have these clubs come In and explain a few facts of the
    road to our guys. Of course that won't happen but we need to do
    something, the current programs are not getting through to our people.

    Lt. Col. Robert L. Brown, USAF

    MY first Instructor was a Big Fat Harry Bearded tattoo'd ABATE Biker.
    The Dude was Kick ass,,Had me doing "Ride like a pro" stuff.

    This was back In 1983,,,,XD
    Herd #124
    Age 10 and holding
    Official Herd Poser

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    That's funny Osco. I took the USAF motorcycle safety course in 1974 at Kincheloe AFB, Michigan. We rode around a building a couple of times and got our cards. I had a Honda dirt bike that wasn't even street legal.

    I still have that course completion card...
    Mike Tickle
    Herd # One hundred
    2012 Ultra Limited
    USAF Retired (SMSgt)


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