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  • Favorite Harley Shirt

    Thought it would be kinda cool to see what everyones favorite Harley shirt looked like. And if you have a fav that isn't a Harley shirt post it as well. Here's one of mine.
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    Here is one of my favorites - Although I like the patriotic Harley T-Shirts!

    Click image for larger version

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      front and back of my favorite. the radio station was sold to clear channel and turned into a ghetto/rap station about 4 years ago
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        the first two are the front and back, you know i dig my skulls

        the third one i think we all know, which deserves an honorable mention
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          They got enough of my money when I bought the bike. I wont buy the shirts. I do have some that were gifts but dont really wear them.
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            I have had this shirt for years...It was the very first Harley shirt I got. I told my wife that I wanted a Harley and she got me the shirt for Christmas, and said the real thing would have to wait but it would happen. The shirt used to have sleeves.
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              Here's one of mine. It's my local dealer, and they use a Kansas theme. Lot's of Wizard of Oz stuff, etc. This one fits right in. I buy a lot of stuff from them including my last bike. Great
              people so I support them when I can
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                HHhmmmmm..... no shirt but I do have a wallet and a belt buckle.... Does that count????
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                  My daughter brought me this one from the Summer Nat'l Fastpitch Softball tourney in OK City this summer...
                  I like it!
                  In fact, if it had a pocket, it'd be damn near perfect!
                  Hadda dig it outta the basket for the pix, wore it this week.

                  And a closeup of the artwork that I like so much...
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