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  • My Motorcycle Trailer Plan

    Well Herd, tax season is right around the corner and I'm looking to make me a Train Hauler. Here's the basic plan in Live mode:

    For my design, I'll be using a 8.5x16 Car Hauler. I've rendered my design using the specs from a Pace American Shadow GT.

    You can see the mini fridge up front and center. A small bar-type sink will be on one side of the fridge and a two burner RV cook-top will be on the other side. Using small appliances should leave plenty of prep space as there will be uninterrupted counter over the mini-fridge. Below the cabinets, I'll have a small potable water tank on one side and equalize the weight on the other side with a couple RV/Marine Deep Cycle Batteries (boxed and vented of course). A 32" Flat Panel TV will be mounted in the O/H cabinets in the center with storage for dishes and food on either side.

    To the rear, you'll see two bunks. They'll use two 4" thick 30x80 foam mattresses (I can cut a queen in half). The bunks will fold up while in travel mode as seen here:

    The Motorcycle Box is to scale with dimensions of 94.5"x28". The length I got from my bike's brochure and the width I measured at the front pegs...the widest there's actually a lot of wiggle room.

    Here you can see that I'll still have the ability to put either bunk down while the bike is loaded so I can stop for the night when going on longer trips.

    And here you can see that I'll be able to haul two bikes:

    When hauling two bikes, they will have to be unloaded to sleep in the trailer. I've kicked around the idea of mounting the bunks up high, so I can put them down with two bikes loaded however, I'd like to put shelves up high for things like my windshield, touring seat, sissy bar, etc. Also, I may have problems seeing the TV from bed if I mount them up high like that. I have 7' of interior height though, so I may be able to have my cake and eat it too. The handlebars should be forward of the bunks, so I shouldn't have to make the bunks too high...More research and measurements needed.

    This is just what I've got so far. I've still got quite a bit of planning to do. Some other adds I'll be implementing are an awning on the starboard side, a screen wall that will Velcro to the rear opening for nice nights, a roof-top A/C unit, a 30 amp electrical service, AC-DC converter for plugged-in charging of the 12vdc system, a roof mount solar panel for charging during boon-docking, and a roof mount Winegard TV antenna.

    Did I ever mention that I used to sell RV's and know a little about 'em?

    So whadya think Herd? Am I on the path of success for my Train Hauler?

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    This isn't a Pace, but it'll give you an idea of what I have in mind for exterior looks...with Herd and Harley decals of course.


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      Sounds like it should be a nice rig. What kind of truck are ya pulling it with?
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        Originally posted by JimP View Post
        Sounds like it should be a nice rig. What kind of truck are ya pulling it with?
        Right now, I've got a 1500 Ram with a 318. It's gutless as hell, but it is rated to pull 7,400..and I've pulled more than that with it (29' Airstream loaded). The trailer has a GVWR of 7,000 which I should be considerably below so I should be good to go.


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          So far it looks good. What are you planing to use for front wheel chock and tiedown points?
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            Just one question Hobo.

            When you get done with this one which I am here by calling mine, when are you going to build yours????


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              Purdy cool idea Hobo, I been thinking about enclosing my trailer to but don't think the car's transmission can handle it so just leaving well enough alone for now!
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                looks good on paper, but you may have one issue. 2 bikes side by side, that close together, may be a little hard to strap down. you may need to set one of the bike a little further forward
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                  For the Chocks, I'll be buying two of the modular types that have a quick-disconnect from the floor. That way I'll quickly be able to move them around depending on how many bikes I'm hauling.

                  I would've liked to use E-Track for the tie-downs, but that seriously limits where I can put my bunks and still fold them I'll probably use flush-mount D-rings in the floor.

                  Iron, I figured I'd probably have to stagger them a little to get them tied down proper. I think however, there's somebody that makes special adjustable short straps that you can put in the middle to tie the bikes together then pull out the tension on the outsides. I haven't looked into that yet.

                  Here's a 3D rendering looking into the trailer:

                  Excuse the Paneled Door and the Twin Beds' appearance...I'm using a Home Design program for my design. The floor plan is all I need so I can get the layout the way I want it.

                  And don't forget that there's going to be a Flat Panel TV, DVD Player, and maybe Stereo system in the top middle cabinets up front.


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                    be careful of what "D" rings you buy.
                    my dad bought some a couple years ago to strap his kawasaki to his trailer.....going down the road, one broke..........dented tank, and other damage
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                      How about ventilation? Will it be on top? So far your plan looks good but like Ironhead stated, you might want to layout your bike staggered to allow more room for tie-downs.
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                        Originally posted by TheBoss View Post
                        How about ventilation? Will it be on top? So far your plan looks good but like Ironhead stated, you might want to layout your bike staggered to allow more room for tie-downs.
                        I think it comes with one roof vent, but I'm getting the AC prep package, so I might have to have them put in two roof vents so I can open it up when I'm not running the AC. They've also got side vents you can add in.


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                          those small side vents make a world of difference
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                            Looks great. I hope to start a project like this soon.
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                              I ve seen pointy trailers ,, might give you a little extra room for a similar price and maybe more airodynamic than a flat nose
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