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Hey, everyone with a newer Super Glide.........

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  • Hey, everyone with a newer Super Glide.........

    Does anyone here have one with drag bars? I bought mine with intention of putting drag bars on it. I hate the buckhorn bars, and
    they are killing my wrists.
    I'm thinking of buying the Harley 4" curved risers. The stock risers are 1", so that is plus 3". Now the buckhorn bars are probably 7"
    or so tall and then turn back, so I'm going to gain some cable and
    brake line length with the drag bars.
    I couldn't get a definitive answer at the dealership yesterday when I
    inquired. They kept saying they didn't know, that cables were a grey area??
    I don't want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on parts, and then find I then need to buy new hoses and cables. They told me what they would do is just start installing the parts and see how it went, and
    if it needed new cables. They told me it could run as much as 6-700 dollarss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap.
    Anyone have experience in this senario? Even if I do it myself, I'm going to be out at least around 200 dollars or so for basic parts that
    I won't be able to return in they are installed....Help, these buckhorns are killing me! I'd be up for some low rise bars if that was an option, I just need something that puts my wrists at a natural angle and not bent at 45 degrees.
    Regards Sonny
    2007 FLHX Street Glide HERD #35
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    first of all.....I can find pullback risers all day long on eBay for $50 to $60 a pair, sometimes even less. and drag bars are a dime a dozen, so you shouldn't be any where near $200 in basic parts. to do what you are saying, you should be fine on throttle, idle and clutch cable.
    brake line....I am not sure, if yours is a stock one and bent to the shape of the will probably need to replace it, and that shouldn't be any more than $50 or $60 for a braided line and then approx $10 each for the fittings.
    bottle of DOT5 brake fluid is about $10, and you are back on the road
    Ride in Peace Wndchsr


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      I kind of like to go with the Harley risers, I like the looks of those better then the other ones I've seen. They kind of have that "melted" look to them. The
      last drag bars and risers I bought I paid like 70 bucks for everything, so yeah there are some cheaper parts out there. Brake lines are just the standard, like
      the ones on my Sporty. I guess I can endure everything for a while with winter comming on. As always, the dealership is trying to "retire" off of some of the
      service, LOL.
      Regards Sonny
      2007 FLHX Street Glide HERD #35
      Route 66 "The Mother Road" Thank You Cyrus Avery!


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        My bars are the stock ones, so I'm no help to you on this plus I gave up being a shade tree mechanic many decades ago. If you got the HOG membership along with your bike, you could ask other members of the HOG chapter if they have any experience with this.
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          Just close yur eyes an hold yur arms out in front of ya like you ridin then measure that from yur set you got now thats the size you want
          THE NEGATIVE ONE no better don't click

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            Thanks all.
            Regards Sonny
            2007 FLHX Street Glide HERD #35
            Route 66 "The Mother Road" Thank You Cyrus Avery!