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I just cant do it anymore....

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  • I just cant do it anymore....

    Well, today was a turning point for me herdsters, and it breaks my heart to say it, but until I get my back repaired/improved, it's simply to painful to ride.

    I have about 4 miles between my house and my desk at work, and I've enjoyed many rides the long way this summer. But since I re-injured my back last month, the pain is just more than I can stand, and I feel that in order to medicate past the pain, i'll be putting myself and others in danger if I do so.

    With that said, I've picked a spot in my main warehouse for the sporty to rest, until I can get the Army to fix my back, or until I find another solution.

    It's a bitter sweet day for me, as this puts into question how long until I can ride again.

    Some of you may know, and some of you may not, but as of Tuesday afternoon, I requested that I be removed as Moderator here on the Forum. I did this in an effort to focus on healing, and providing for my Family. I felt that I was doing all of you a great dis-service to remain a Moderator without being able to devote the time needed to fulfill that promise. Frank is a kind and gracious host, allowing me the time away in order to focus on these matters. For that I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

    Who knows what the future will hold, and I hope to return as a "HERD" Moderator one day. But for now, I'm just a regular joe, and will spend as much time as possible here with you good people.

    I feel at home here, and want to thank all of you for your support thus far. A better group of people would be nearly impossible to find. I keep the "HERD" in my prayers every day, and pray for the health and well being of you all. You're damn good folks, and I thank you.

    I'll see you on the forum....G
    U.S. Army "Retired"
    (Disabled Veteran)

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    Oh fug that once a mod always a mod wether you here or not
    THE NEGATIVE ONE no better don't click
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      well, just get back on it when you get healed up. as far as being a regular joe, you've always been a regular joe to me. i wouldn't have any more or any less respect for a moderator as i would any member of the herd. i think i said that right, any ways i hope you get fixed up and just like me it will take time.
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        You might have to get a bagger Guss lot easier on the back
        THE NEGATIVE ONE no better don't click
        How's my Spelin, CALL 1-800-BOSS to report my bad spelizin


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          Gruss, you take care of yourself and do what you've got to do. We'll be here for you whenever you need us or just want to put your two cents worth in.
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            Focus on the priorities in your life and as I said are just dormant. Best of luck with your healing Gruss. You know what we are made of.....and we know what you are made of too!
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              Gruss take care of yourself and you will be back in the wind soon!
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              When we do right no on remembers!
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                Don't worry about us, just get well brother. Your health is the most important thing for you, and for US......Take care
                and get well.
                Regards Sonny
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                  I agree with everyone here, you need to get yourself well first and the rest will take care of itself. The sporty will take ya back when you are ready..
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                    All the very best Gruss on your road to recovery. We will still be here to root for your return in whatever capacity is comfortable for you and that is the bottom line.
                    Chris (Steveston)
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                      Best wishes to you Greg, back pain is no fun at all. I will send prayers and good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you or if you just need to talk just pm me for my number.
                      Josh #00042
                      R.I.P. Dad 1951-2015


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                        Moderator, Smoderator!! I don't even know or care what that means - something about keepin' this bunch of crazy bovines in line. Yeah right, like that's gonna happen!

                        I just enjoy your posts and hope you heal up quickly!


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                          Damn, Gruss.

                          Be well. And come back soon.
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                            two things

                            duct tape & 20" piece of 1" X 12"

                            sorry to hear yer back is getting worse man. i know what yer feeling. i would never wish such an affliction on anyone, hang in there greg or in my case hanging upside down has done wonders for me...if you can, try inversion. it helped me....swear
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                              Greg, like others have said here, do what you gotta do and we'll all be here for you; always. Stop in often and throw your opinion around. I think Worm can vouch for "being medically unable to ride now but working on getting better" support you'll get.
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