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  • Roadster Bling,,,

    I know It ain't no custom an I ain't got the coin for any serious mods,,
    so these two were free to me.
    When I bought the Bike I had No riding gear at all,,
    So The Dealer, Rossiters In Sarasota had this store card,,ya know a point for every dollar ya spend.
    Helmet, jacket,boots,Quarter Faring, Siren, Turnsignal always on kit,,
    Bam! I dropped a Grand over time In there. Hey I'm supporting HD WTH.
    So thats a $100 dollars HD money, I spent 97 bucks,,,free to me.
    I bought what I wanted and That was some bling that serve's No purpose at all.
    The Fin kit and the Black Gas cap,,,
    The Factory Chrome gas cap reminded me of an old Jeep CJ gas cap,,It had to go.
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    I like the simple stuff in life....
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      Oh yeah! I got a Riders Reward card too! It adds up! Great bling!
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        Originally posted by Osco* View Post
        I know It ain't no custom an I ain't got...
        Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis???
        Personally I think the Roadster is a better bike than my Custom. I think it's heavier duty and a great lookin' scooter!

        Man, don't be dissin' my fave '08!

        It may not have as much shiny chit, but it's mean lookin' as Hell!
        I just wish it had forwards...

        BTW, love the new stuff! Plug covers are a bit unusual, bit I like it!
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          I think it be a great lookin bike,even before bling.
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            Great lookin bike! great way to stimulate the for the HD!!!!
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              I like the plug covers, looks good.
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                Looks good!
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                  Your bike looks awesome dude. I also don't have the coin to drop on crazy custom mods either.

                  I always try to buy something little at the HD store. My stock aluminum clutch and brake levers are pretty tarnished, so instead of spending $130 on the Black Willie G Skull levers that I want, I spent $25 on leather lever covers with tassels. I'm pretty happy with how they look too.

                  I'd like to get some saddle bags, but I'm thinking about Leatherworks' Swing-arm Bag now...I think it looks pretty badass and I could save about $400.

                  Here's the bag I'm looking at:



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                    I use the spare change methode,,
                    Every time I pull out paper money I get some coin back...
                    I bag it,,bank has the free coin counter,,,no fee.
                    Last Crown royal bag was gettin heavy,,,had 65 bucks in It,,,
                    Got my last Oil N filter that way,,and My Bar N Sheild tag bolts n black Tag frame,,,
                    Been Stashin some 20's away,,got enuff for ONE progressive 440 shock !!,, gettin there.
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