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    What wheel chock do you all recommend for me to get for my enclosed bike trailer? What do you have?
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    just make sure you get the right width. they makem in 3.5 4 and5 I believe.
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      If money is no issue, then definitely Baxley. If you get one, call the company and ask for a "Blem". It has a small blemish (I couldn't find mine) and depending on supply, youmay not get a choice of color, but the price is $35 off.

      I have a Pingle chock on my trailer, which is removable and comes with the anchors and hardware to make it that way. $80
      **Note: The technical info I provide is suggestive. I am not a perfeshunel.

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        I borrowed a Baxley from the guy who sold me the Road Glide, worked absolutely great! Super secure.

        (I would have ridden home on the bike, but it was snowin' and nastier 'en hell.)
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          Thank,s will look into a baxley and northern tool.
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          2009 ultra classic