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  • L10 Freedom Ride 2010

    Any Kansas or local Herdsters may be interested in this.. a ride on Labr Day to support 10 soldiers who have been locked up for 10-40 years for killing Al-Queda or Iraqi insurgents.

    Our mission is to wholly support and work toward the release of The Leavenworth 10, a group of soldiers/Marines incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth for killing members of Al-Qaeda or Iraqi insurgents. These decorated and committed soldiers/Marines who honorably served their country—achieving a significant number of combat medals over multiple deployments—are now serving sentences ranging between 10 and 40 years. They and their families have fallen victim to the untenable Rules of Engagement, demoralizing “Catch and Release” policies, and climate of political correctness that govern our troops’ actions while trying to survive a combat zone.

    While these soldiers/Marines have been judged very harshly by the military, our military leadership is currently releasing imprisoned enemy combatants back to the battlefield. We request the same mercy for these troops, many of whom have been denied clemency time and again. The Leavenworth 10 do not pose any threat and deserve to be returned to their families.

    Please take the time to read their stories, and if you believe they should not be forgotten and left behind, then join us September 4, 2010 for a Freedom Ride to bring awareness to their cases and most importantly let these soldiers/Marines know that we wholly and completely support each of them.
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    read thru every one of their stories! Thanks for posting Brad!!
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      Brother, I wish I could attend, that story makes my blood boil.
      Ride in Peace Wndchsr


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        This pisses me off. These guy's were scapegoats I am sure. This is not how we treat our troops. Hope the ride attracts alot of attention for these guys.
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          I read a couple it was clear they made a mistake to me, 10 to 40 years is over the top though, considerin what gets let out of prisons every day in ths country. And these boys maybe tryin to do the "right" thing an jus fuggin up a hair trigger decision.
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            Yeah, it's enough to make you weep. Murder in a war zone. If it's non-combatants I can see taking a close look at what happened, but not when it's able bodied fighting men on the enemy side.


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              Thanks for the post. I told my brother when he went off to afghanistan, "It's bettery to be judged by a jury of your peers than carried by them!"

              Reading this made me sick. It is disgusting that these men were treated this way.
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