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where does the gas tank vent tube go?

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  • where does the gas tank vent tube go?

    so under my speedo, there is a clear plastic tube coming out if the gas tank. does this hook to something or does it just stick out from under the guages? every time i ride it, when i put the bike back in the garage, it smells like raw fuel fumes coming out of that tube. i feel like plugging it up but im sure its there for a reason.

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    Sounds like somethin got hand did, vent should get ran out below the bike frame .
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      Mine 97 Dyna has the fuel vent tube going somehow out towards the back of the frame,I do`nt remembers fur shure but it seems like it was actually stuk inside one a the frame tubes.
      DAVE!!! Hay Dave!!!! does Ya remembers how the vent tubes ta be run fur the fuel tank????
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        Tank vent goes from the front of the bike to the rear, to the lower down tube in front of the swingarm, to the ground. There's a check valve in it up near the tank which is one way, to vent fumes out, and not allow air back in during cool down and contraction.
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          I knew there wuz some kinda funny business goin on with that venting system.LOL
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            Originally posted by Dave63 View Post
            and not allow air back in during cool down and contraction.
            Which helps to keep air from being sucked into the tank and thus eliminating the moisture that is in the air from condensing and causing rusted fuel tanks.
            See,them Harley engineeeers are kinda smart sometimes.
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