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A year in the life of a biker and other ramblings

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  • A year in the life of a biker and other ramblings

    Doc says I can resume riding next March. It'll be a solid year that all I've done is look at her.

    I've started her up every couple of months but it sure has been tough. The worst is that my local HD dealership is around the block from my office and I constantly hear and see bikes passing by as it's where they road test bikes after repairs and people often ride by when checking out a bike they're interested in.

    The warm fall and early winter so far has also contributed to bikes still being ridden like it's summer.

    On the plus side, come next April my eldest son and his lovely wife will be making me a grandpa ◊2. Yes twins; one of each I'm told. Then come July they'll be heading down to Houston for at least 3 years as the kid has taken up to cutting people open and then sewing then back up -- gonna be a cardiac thoracic surgeon when he's done.

    So I'm expecting to be spending lots of time down in Houston and maybe get to see little Frank when I'm there.

    So it appears that another year is just about over, how time seems to fly.

    Buried a friend a couple of weeks ago, (Ray) Jr as we called him was a 9/11 first responder and succumed to 9/11 cancer. A truly exceptionally nice fellow who continuously gave to everyone. He'll surely be missed.​​

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    March can't get here soon enough, Henry. Congrats on the new grandkids! Condolences on the loss of your friend.
    Good health to ya! I have twice been forced for several months to give up riding. Shoulder surgery in '09 and neck surgery in '11. Three months both times. Before my neck surgery, the doc said I wouldn't be able to ride for over a year! He was an Indian doc named Reza Shahim. I told him one more remark like that and we were gonna play Bikers & Indians.

    I was riding again 90 days after that ordeal. Those were the 90 Longest Days of My Life. I can't begin to imagine a whole year, man...
    Ride EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. Father Time is undefeated.

    Ride in Peace, Ricky "Rubberdown" Massey
    Ride Forever Free, Larry Weaver
    See you on the other side, Jeff.

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      Great you are going to be riding again...lets get together.

      Super double congrats on the a Grampster of 3 boys, I can tell ya, it's a hoot. They are with me now, we just got done a slot car session....and shortly we are off on a kielbasi run.

      Condolences on your friend and to his family and friends. He was a great human being. We need more men and women, like Jay and his mom. 17 years and the horror of 9/11 continues. Never Forget! Ever...

      Happy New Year to you and yours Henry, this will be blessed year for you.



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        Double congratulations on the grandchildrens. and also condolences about Your friend.
        I`m fortunate to have a four wheeler and live in a community where it is legal to ride them on the streets, other wise these long winters would really suck. LOL
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          Thanks for the update, Henry. Life is complicated, ain't it?

          Congratulations on the Grandkiddies!


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            Thanks all for the congrats. In the meantime I'm going diligently to pt twice a week so that I'll be able to hold both of the twins at once. Being able to ride again will be a bonus. After all, who else will teach em to love Harleys.


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              Congrats on the upcoming additions to the family. Hope all goes well and they're healthy little bikers-to-be. Great for your son on the medical career. Ride safe when you're back out on that scooter. Remembering how to ride is easy. Getting some of those reflexes and muscles back can be a little slower.
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                Congrats on the Twins and glad to hear that youíll be back riding soon enough. Sorry to hear about your friend too. That day has taken several of my buddies who struggled through some God awful illnesses caused by the shit we all ingested that day. Letís hope and pray we never have to go through anything like that again. Good luck with the rehab, as bad as the surgeries were, I always thought the rehab was even harder, but the first day you get back on the bike itís all worth it! These are a few pics I took while I was down there and one of my friend who was a morgue chaplain from the ceremony at the 9/11 Museum for responders and families this past 9/11. Sheís had a pretty heavy round of her own with cancer since her time down there but so far is beating the odds.
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