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  • SE tuner???s

    Hello all,

    I just bought a 2003 Ultra Classic that already had a SE race tuner installed. It was dyno'd in 2006 the last time. I have trouble almost every time I go to warm up my bike. It will start just fine idle about 1050 but once it sits for a few seconds it will start bumping from 1000 to 800 sometimes it kills the bike. since i have the race tuner and software would you all recommend changing some of the idle settings? I am a complete newbie to the HD nation so my experience is very limited. I have been reading through the manual that came with the kit and it seems easy enough. Has anyone adjusted their own tuner? and is this the right place to start? or should i just take it to the dealer at $88 an hour? thanks in advance. i forgot to mention i have already changed the plugs, engine oil, trans oil, and primary.
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    I can work on just about anything but when it comes down now to electronics on cars and bikes....I'm lost. When I bought Mrs. car, they told us that it had upteen million computers in it including a 40 gig harddrive! I'm still looking for the HDD....Want to use it as backup storage here at home. LOL
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      BH, I'm like Boss.....don't do electronics!!! Hang on and someone will be along that can answer your question!!!!
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