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  • Fatboy question...

    I'm about to buy an 03 Fatboy at a remarkable price from family...
    It has 32,000 miles and the person said it has a clogged oil filter... I am thinking it is more along the lines of clogged oil pump due to the infamous cam chain tensioner shoes..

    I'm gonna buy it and I'm gonna tear it open to inspect so I really don't know why I am posting other than pre-riding obsession...
    Has anyone ever had an oil filter clog?

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    Welcome to the forum Dave. I can't help you with your issue but someone will be along who might.


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      Never had a oil filter clog, I had a plugged lifter screen on the 76 FLH though. Never had anything new enough to have cam chain tensioner shoes init.
      Welcome to the HERD forum Dave.
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        Is the price still so "REMARKABLE" if it needs a new engine?

        When someone tells you something like it has a clogged oil filter what they're actually saying is that the motor is messed up internally. And don't forget that this bike is already 13 years old.

        Chances are you'll also be needing tires, brakes and other parts replaced.

        Remarkable gets expensive real fast!

        And welcome to the forum

        BTW, if the filter was clogged, why didn't they just put a new one on it?