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Pigtail coming from under the seat

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  • Pigtail coming from under the seat

    My '09 FLHRC has a pigtail coming out from under the seat. It has the same connector that a battery tender pigtail uses. I think this is for heated clothing and such and is controlled by the left toggle switch up front. What I want to know is can I hook a cigarette lighter socket up to this to power devices like a GPS? If I can, I need to work fast and get it done by Friday night.

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    the pigtail you have is for a bat tender and/or heated gear as you said. I am not sure about a cig lighter there. yes it can be done, Dave63 did a step by step of just that at HDF in a sticky I believe. but wouldn't it be better to run a wire from your bat along the frame and under the headlight nacell and mount your outlet near your bars?
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      Yep both pigtails can be used for that.... I had the DAVE63 power system in use off my battery tender pigtail at HERDSTOCK. Worked like a charm.

      are you saying that you have two pigtails ? one for your battery tender and another that you just found?
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        IH, yes it would be better but I'm time constrained now, leaving Saturday and don't have time to do the wiring and reluctant to mess with cables under the seat before a 4,00 mile ride. Bad planning on my part.

        DDB, I added a pigtail direct to the battery right after I got the bike last year for the Tender, then later found the factory one under the seat.

        Amazon has a cig lighter socket with the correct plug on the end that I was thinking about getting and I guess I could use either pigtail. After I found the factory one and consulted my OM, I believe it said that one can be turned on and off with the switch opposite the running lights switch.

        Thanks for the replies you guys. I will look for the Dave63 sticky.