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Transmission level, Hot or Cold?

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  • Transmission level, Hot or Cold?

    Well, I decided to go ahead and check the tranny level even though I said I wasn't going too. This may have been better in the service forum, but I didn't see the question there. In the manual, it eludes
    to checking the level after it's been run, but it doesn't come right out and say so. I checked mine, on the jiffy stand, on level ground like it says. My level is just right at the add line....right below the ok section.
    Now this is on a completely cold bike
    I didn't know whether to drive all the way to the dealer this morning to buy oil, or check it after I've been riding it and it's warmed up. I know the level changes with heat, but how much?
    Any answers???
    Regards Sonny
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    Oil expands with heat. Trans and primary, check cold.

    I say this, because checking them "Hot" can vary, because it may be a different "hot" one day, and another, the next all depending on how far you rode, or waited after you stopped to check fluids.

    If you check them all COLD, then they'll always be the same reading, unless there's a loss somewhere.

    Motor Oil is another story, because it's a dry sump engine. Oil can sump into the crankcase and deplete the level from the tank, giving a false reading when cold. If Owners see this, then add oil and run the engine, you'll be overfilled once everything becomes normal.

    As well, checking cold will not allow for filled lines and filter. By running a dry sump system until it's at operating temps, will ensure a filled, level system and a true reading in the tank.

    Always check motor oil with the bike at full riding temps to avoid overfilling.
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    **Note: The technical info I provide is suggestive. I am not a perfeshunel.

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      Thanks Dave Guess I'll have to go to the dealer and pick up a quart
      Regard Sonny
      2007 FLHX Street Glide HERD #35
      Route 66 "The Mother Road" Thank You Cyrus Avery!