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Kickstand pad tip.

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  • Kickstand pad tip.

    If you are like me you have used your share of crushed beer cans, or searched for pieces of wood to put under your jiffy stand so it does not sink in the sand, dirt, or hot asphalt.
    I have tried using a floorboard puck type. But have found it to be alright when there is no fear of the bike's stand sinking immediately into the abyss, and you have time to get off and deploy or retrieve it.
    But I find myself parking on grass or sod that will not hold the bike long enough for me to do anything, so I needed something that I could deploy and retrieve while I am still on the bike.

    Parts needs:

    Kickstand pad
    Spring clip
    Short length of paracord (550) or similar.

    The spring clip I used came with a pair of gloves purchased at the dealer. You might stop by and see if they have any laying around that you can have.

    Drill a hole in the spring clip and kickstand pad ( my pad already had the hole ), tie the clip to the pad with enough cord so it will reach to your clutch lever when you put the pad under the jiffy stand.
    I put it in my left saddle bag where I can reach it while I am still on the bike. Then when time to leave, I can put my jiffy stand up, un-clip my clutch cable - roll it up and put it back in my saddle bag.

    - See Ya on the road -
    - Out -

    Finished Product.

    Stored in the front of the left saddle bag.

    Jiffy stand on pad, clip on clutch lever.
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    What a clever idea!!! No more searching for something to avoid the sink-age!
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      Great idea DD, thanks!
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