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Leesburg Bike fest 2010

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  • Leesburg Bike fest 2010

    I made it there,,,It was a trip. I ended up going It alone which was cool cause I got to take the back roads. The "group" I was suppose to go with all wanted to haul ass up there on the Interstate and they couldn't get outta bed so they left Tampa at 9:30,,,Hell I was there by then.
    Turned out the "group" was a bunch of crotch rockets, they made the 85mile run in one hour,,,buncha fools. My Buddy wished he would have went with me. He will next time.
    Can you Imagine him an his wife on a BMW 800 cc Motard doin 90 plus,,crazy crazy but hey It's their life not mine.
    THE RIDE,,I was up havin breakfast at a local choke n puke,,bout 8 bikes stopped in. I rode outta there at sunrise all fed and coffied up. Weather was perfect,,68 n no wind.
    I took the 2 lane through the woods and a few small towns,,It was a Zen thing. I was never really riding alone,,so many bikes out there,,,
    I got to Leesburg and parked right in the center of town cross from the fountain. Don't know how many bikes were there at 8:30 am but im guessing a chit load 10-20k. I grabbed me a coffie and a bench and watched em pile in for an hour,,,thousands.
    I then took the vendor walk and saw alot of chicks,,err bikes,,yeah thats it. The Strip was about 10 city blocks long on main and the side roads were also motor cycle only,,that was cool.
    bout 10 or so It started gettin packed. The two block walk to the rat hole was shoulder to shoulder. Croc and His OL was there an we shot the chit an checked out bikes,,a good day it was.
    Yep I'm a poser,,I bought an "official" Leesburg bike fest T shirt.
    I took a few pictures of scoots and crowds,,No No women didn't wanna piss of my wife lol.
    I was walkin thru one crowd and this nearly naked nymph darted out in front of me, Cute 5'5" 110lbs perfect curves,,leapord bikini all tucked up in one ass cheek....where was I,,Oh yeah,, Me an two other old farts were diggin for our camera's but she was too fast and gone.
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    Got that right about Daytona. Leesburg was a BLAST..all but the Crocodile56's problem with the mixup at prize time.
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