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Happy Halloween For ME!!!

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  • Happy Halloween For ME!!!

    Well, I went o the Sugar Run today as I had advertised in here briefly somewhere. The Poker Run was to benefit finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

    Me, always the punctual one, showed up at The British Pub in Hampton a half hour early and was 1 of only 4 bikes there. So I got a complimentary cup of coffee as it was a bit chilly at first, and actually helped the owner of the bar organize some propane heaters around the outside pavillion.

    It wasn't long until the bikes started arriving in droves! All in, I'd say there were about 400 bikes at the event.

    After registration and milling about for roughly an hour or so, the time came to get started. So coincidentally, the guy parked next to me is mounting up at the same time I am, and since I'm not familiar with the area, I ask him if he knew where he was going and if he minded if I fell in behind him. He said no problem and off we go.

    Well, as we're pulling out, 4 patched Iron Order MC members pull out with us. Yes, the un-marked fella that I'm following is with these guys. So here I am all of a sudden all in the mix with these fellas!

    I wasn't scared, cuz I was running strapped, but I will say that the pucker string on my balloon knot tightened up about 3 notches! So I decide I'm still going to follow, but hang back so as to not look like I'm in their business.

    I see one of the patched members in the rear look back, then at the guy I initially spoke to. I could estimate he was wondering who the fugg I was. They had a brief exchange then Patch motions for the fella I talked to to move up in formation so he may address me...then he points at me, then the road beside him. Pucker string up 1 more click.

    Then the whole thing takes a pleasant turn and the day only got better from there. The guy says to me "We're gonna go to McDonald's and grab some breakfast before going to the first stop...You're more than welcome to follow along if you want." Which I did. Met the whole group, and they were all pretty cool despite having names like "Bam", "Monkey", and "Prison". The guy I initially spoke to was simply "Steve" and he was a prospect.

    We hit all the stops together and upon arriving back at The Pub, I looked at my three hands and saw that I only needed an 8 to have a straight. I showed one of the guys and said "Heh heh! Look, I only need an 8". And low and behold, I drew a fuggin' 8 from the pile!

    My 5-9 straight ended up being top hand and winning me first prize which was a Samsung 50" Plasma TV!!! I've never won anything in my life! I was pretty stoked!

    We all ended up getting "The King's Table" at the pub, had an awesome meal, and a couple of New Castles. I felt obliged to buy the first round for everyone as they provided amazing hospitality and respect to me. They also invited me to hook up later at another local bar. I told them thanks and maybe I'd go, but I pretty much knew I wouldn't make the rendezvous.

    I got the missus and the babies at home and work to be at every day. I was just glad to have a great day with a great ride with an awesome group of guys. I was also happy to come away from the whole thing with a different perspective on folks that run together like that.

    This truly is a wonderful hobby that we all share and it seems that the lion's share of the people engaged in it are the true salt of the earth.

    Will post pics.
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    Good cause,good story and a good tv ta boot,It just dont get anybetter than that.
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      sounds like a great day and experience
      Ride in Peace Wndchsr


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        I wanna see pics of you haulin that TV home on the back of your bike!!!
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          Originally posted by HogFan View Post
          I wanna see pics of you haulin that TV home on the back of your bike!!!
          I cheated. Had my buddy drive my truck over to pick it up.


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            Its good to see the luck is wearin off on the Herd!! Big congrats Hobo, thats freakin awesome!
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              What a great day!!!! Congrats!!!!
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                You really did have a Happy Halloween; congrats Hobo! Now go home and find a really scary movie to watch on that plasma! I have HD with mine and the picture is awesome!
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                  Where you wearing your backpatch?
                  With age comes wisdom, yeah right!
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                    Originally posted by Crocodile56 View Post
                    Where you wearing your backpatch?
                    he'll put it on the back of the TV silly.........................
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                      Sound like a cool time. Where is the photo of the tv!!! :)
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                        Great story Hobo and glad you got out of there with a new Plasma!
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                          Hobo, big time congrats to ya on the win and glad ya had a safe ride!!!!
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                            Sounds like a great time, congrats on the television
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                              Cool story and CONGRATS! btw - here is some info on the the Iron Order MC. Seems to be a pretty good group.

                              From their web page "We run our club by the very same MC rules established over 50 years ago by motorcycle clubs. We are not 1%ers. We are not a HOG chapter but most of our members do belong to HOG and many outside organizations such as ABATE and the Patriot Riders. We have chapters in many states. We have a strong brotherhood between all chapters. "

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