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  • Leaf Peeper Ride

    Tomorrow, Saturday, October 16, 2010, Sooze and I are gonna take a little ride.

    No epic adventures this time around. Just a little day riding around with some friends to check out the changing leaves in southern and southeastern Ohio.

    I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures to share with ya.

    And I recently got a new gadget - a SPOT satellite tracker!

    I've setup a page where you all can spy on us from afar. The page won't actually start tracking us until 9:30 tomorrow morning, so feel free to pop in and spy on us!

    SPOT: Spy On The Geeks Here <clicky>
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    Have fun, post pictures.....we are only going to Daytona>>>>>
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      Have fun, take photos, 'cause all the leaves out here blew off the trees with the 50MPH winds we are having. I guess that I wont get any pretty fall foliage pix this year.
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        The Geek's 2010 Fall Leaf-Peeper Ride

        As the seasons change from warm and humid summer to cool and crisp fall, Sooze and I try to take a nice day trip to the hilly parts of Ohio to take in the changing leaf colors. Early last week, we had confirmed plans with a couple that rides to ride on Saturday. Later in the week, I enlisted another friend, so we had a quorum and a plan!

        Sooze and I met up with Scott Saturday morning. It was a cool, crisp morning – somewhere in the low 40's. We had a quick ride to the home of JD & Keri and saw something we hadn't seen before – along the beautiful Scioto River was what appeared to be a regatta! There were rowing boats in the water, and lots of people and stuff along the shore in a park along the river.

        Stuff along the shore.

        More stuff and people.

        Here you can see the rowing boats out in the water.

        We met up with JD & Keri at their place and headed for Lancaster, OH, to meet up with some of JD's friends. Here are me and Scott backing the bikes outta the driveway.

        Since we live on the northwest side of Columbus and were heading southeast-ish, we had to roll through downtown Columbus first. The Columbus skyline on a crisp October Saturday morning.

        As we were heading down Route 33 towards Lancaster, a group of hooligans passed us but we saw 'em at a stop light. They were a rather diverse group – everything from CBR's and GSXR's to a Husqvarna supermotard to a Buell Ulysses to a Sporty.

        But the point of this is to show you'ns'all some of the changing leaf colors, right?

        Gotta love the small-town churches with trees that are changing colors.

        We made it to our destination in Lancaster and hung out for a bit.

        My '09 Ultra. See that sticker on the battery cover?

        Here's a closer shot.
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          Me and Scott hanging out.

          We were there to meet up with JD's friend Mike and his wife, as well as Mike's dad. Mike's dad was off running other errands, so we decided to head out and meet up with him down the road a little ways.

          One thing about small towns in Ohio – there are LOTS of churches!

          Ahead of us on the left is Mike and his wife (damn but I cannot remember her name...) riding Mike's '99 Fat Boy. On the right is JD & Keri on JD's 105th Anniversary '08 Heritage Softail.

          Once you get out of the small towns in Ohio, there are still a lot of churches as well as corn.

          Heading into the hills, we're still not at peak colors yet.

          If you've never been to this area of Ohio before, you do not want to make it a destination or anything. It's a crappy place that's ugly, the people are big meanies, and the scenery sucks. If you have been there before, then you KNOW what I'm talking about, right? ;-)

          We stopped at this place, which I had never heard of.

          There was a reason why we stopped here.



          My friends JD & Keri have a little side business. It's called Motorcycle Mavens – they sell t-shirts aimed at lady riders. I have no financial interest in their endeavor – I'm just a friend that wants to see 'em succeed. Check out their stuff at:


          They do have motorcycle-specific parking at this place, which is kind of nice because there is also a flea market close by and the area was kinda busy.

          See that tour bus in the background? Yeah – old people. Ugh.

          But they do have putt-putt! No, we didn't play.

          A small barn across the way.

          I loved the motorcycle on the roof.
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            We milled about a bit; JD & Keri got their business wrapped up, and we headed over to a diner adjacent to the bike shop for a bite to eat.

            Now, if you've read a BikerGeek ride report, you know what THAT means, right??

            Yup – you got it!

            FOOD PORN!!!

            I had their grilled Italiano with onion rings. Yes, it was pretty damn tasty!

            Sooze had their cheeseburger (with Swiss) and a side of their baby bakers (small baked 'taters).

            So after dicking around at the bike shop, and getting a bite to eat, I was getting a bit antsy to get on the road. Jeff (Mike's dad) had caught up with at while at the diner, so it was time to roll.

            That's Jeff on his Road King, and the diner is in the background.

            Yours truly on the right, ready to roll, and Scott on the left on his VTX.

            Like I said – this part of the state sucks.

            The traffic was messed up getting out, because apparently someone ran out of driving talent. It was a pretty wicked accident – you can see the car by the ambulance in the middle of the picture that got hit pretty much right on the B-pillar. The minivan that hit it was on the other side of the road – it was one hell of an impact. I hope nobody was seriously injured.

            We eventually out through the traffic and onto some back roads.

            Ohio Route 374 off or Route 33 is a crappy, ugly road.
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              An over-the-shoulder picture by Sooze of Scott (and Jeff is back there, too, prolly right behind Scott).

              Not much of a story for me to narrate, so let's just let the pictures do the talking, mm-kay?

              Where are we? Montana??
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                I notice ya'll mill around alot when ya not riding
                THE NEGATIVE ONE no better don't click
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                  Looks like a great day, and in fine BikerGeek style, well documented with the camera.

                  There is a special place in our hearts... Carved out for our memories
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                    Originally posted by vlade View Post
                    I notice ya'll mill around alot when ya not riding
                    That's what I like about, vlade. Ya got a mind like a steel trap - nothing gets by you!

                    Originally posted by Glyde View Post
                    Looks like a great day, and in fine BikerGeek style, well documented with the camera.
                    Thanks! I appreciate it, and I'll make sure Sooze knows, too - she takes most of the pictures.
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                      The ride continued.

                      We certainly weren't setting a scorching pace, but we caught up to a couple more bikes that were painfully slow.

                      There is a cool cabin tucked away back there. You can almost kind of see it...

                      We made a stop and this place was across the street. I snicked like a kid...

                      Jeff departed our little group and we continued our loop.

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                        JimBo's – a biker hangout that sells health food! Well, if you consider lots of fried stuff to be health food. Since we already ate at the diner, we didn't stop, but this is an interesting place.

                        A covered bridge.

                        More barns.

                        Profile shot of Scott.

                        JD & Keri.
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                          Luckily, I wasn't leading because I was utterly and completely turned around – I had no idea where we were. I wasn't really worried about it or anything, but I just wasn't sure where we were.

                          Eventually I figgered it out. We made our way into Athens, where Ohio University was hosting the University of Akron for a football game.

                          If you're not familiar with them, their mascot is the Bobcats.

                          For some reason, I'd never been to Athens, so it was kind of cool riding around OU's campus.

                          Note that the street is bricks.

                          Hmmm.... Me thinks something is going on here.

                          A biker hangout in a small town in SE Ohio, eh? Sure! Why not?!

                          We decided to stop in the Smiling Skull for a cold one before heading for home.

                          Me and Sooze.

                          Left to right: JD, Keri, and me.

                          I love this sticker. I have a more subtle one (“FYYFF”) on the bikes.

                          Me. JD in the background adding fruit to his cold one.
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                            After hanging out there for a bit and people-watching, we saddled up for the ride home.

                            We sauntered back to Route 33.

                            These jokers were following us again.

                            Traffic was kinda heavy in Nelsonville – they were having a festival called the Ohio Smoked Meat and BBQ Fest. I would have liked to have stopped, but our timing wasn't quite right for us to have the time to wander around.

                            After a gas stop, we said our goodbyes to Mike and his wife who split off from the group in Lancaster, and to Scott who split off in downtown Columbus, and JD & Keri who split off in town to head to their abode.

                            Rolling back into town.

                            And the final picture of the day is the home of the formerly-number-1 Ohio State Buckeyes. The stadium is to the right of the twin towers on the left side of the picture.

                            We rode 223 miles today, had a good time with old friends, and hope to ride with Mike again and actually remember his wife's name.

                            Thanks for following along!
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                              Awesome Picture's! I miss the fall colors!!!
                              OLD SKOOL BIKERS RULE, WE DO WHAT IT TAKES AND LIKE IT!!!
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