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    Headed out about 11:00 this morning, to check out the bike and see how my highway fuel mileage is. The bike ran great, real happy with the work done and she still pulls 42mpg's. Colour me happy.

    About 160 miles round trip, up the north highway. Just a small part of the ride from here, Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay Ontario, which many have said is one of the nicest ride you can take on two wheels. Prolly the best part of the Lake Superior Circle Tour.


    I though I would post a few pics of the ride, unfortunately the fall colors are starting to fade around here.

    This is one of many spots where it looks like you'll ride off the end of the earth.

    The view from one of many scenic look outs

    Saw this fella hanging out there, all by himself. Got a little concerned, he should be flocked up and flyin' south with his "Herd". I wished him well and hope he finds his way.

    Still some decent colours along the new nice to ride on.


    trying to get artsy

    Saw the sign, but no sign of him.........

    Ya know, just one of those enjoyable, solo rides.........

    Thanks fer lookin'
    There is a special place in our hearts... Carved out for our memories
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    Great pics Glyde, looked like a good ride...thanks for sharing
    Josh #00042
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      The lakehead country is beautiful... Only thing missing is mountains. Nice Pics... Light traffic is a bonus..
      Chris (Steveston)
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        Looks like a nice ride. Glad to hear the bike is running like you want...
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          42 mpg???

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            Yeah... What V said. Nice pics!
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              Too bad you didn't bump into Blackdog! That feller better get a jump start on the Annual South trip for sure! And......Glad your bike is running good. Love that first picture ending really nowhere but water!
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                Yer a lucky man Glyde, and a beautiful road to cruise.
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                  Glyde, that's some real beautiful country to ride in!!!! Great pics!!
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                    Nice scenery, thanks for sharing
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                      Thanks, glad ya like.
                      There is a special place in our hearts... Carved out for our memories
                      R.I.P. RubberDown
                      R.I.P. James "Jimbo"


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                        Great pics! The colors are awesome! We are just brown and dead here. In a Mild drought they say.
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                          Thanks for the beautiful pix, it should start looking like that down here in about 3-4 weeks. My favorite time of the year to ride.
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                            Great pics and fall wammer said, ours will be a changin soon!!! Thnx for the pics!!
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                              Gorgeous!!! Great pics man. I love riding this time of year but I know that I only have a few weeks left :(
                              - Eric [HERD Member #123]
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