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  • Colonial Parkway

    Rode the Colonial Parkway yesterday (18Sep10) from Yorktown to Jamestown and back...about 50 miles. Here's a pic from the Parkway in Jamestown:

    Once I got back to Yorktown, I went by the Harley store for a few minutes then went and a ate a Burl Burger at Hoss's Deli then home.

    It was about 79 miles all in and it was my first shaker cruise on my bike. I found out that my lower back was hurting due to the forward lean of the Night Train. I think I'll put some swept-back risers on there to see if that fixes the problem...if it doesn't....APES Baby!

    I also found that my a$$ was hurting due to the crappy (but awesome looking) stock Badlander seat. I already have a touring seat, just wanted to test the water with the Badlander.

    Awesome fun though and the pain was a "good" kind of hurt!

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    That is some purty country,aaaand yuh have trees with ponds of water too.:laughout
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      We enjoy reading little adventures! Great scenery on that picture too!
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        Sounds like u had a blast, theres nothing like bein on 2 wheels!!
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