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Bourbon co. & Bardstown photos over the years

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    My last trip to KY was in '93, hooked up with an old friend, camped and bicycled all these roads. That was a great trip. My friend at the time was head of the states Wild and Scenic Rivers program. He was able to hook us up with a "back door" tour of the cave, the area not open to tourists. Ya go through the "back door" and there in front of you is a cave stretching under 4 or 5 states. Come to HS10 and I will fill you in on the details......two other memories I will never forget, first is barreling down long steep grades and coming around a corner to the river and no bridge or ferry. I got wet. Second was grinding up a long grade to open fields all around, a few Granny's sitting on a front porch, in paisley dresses, probably smoking corn cob pipes full of hollers "go get'em boys" and a pack of about 15 hound dogs chased after us. Even Lance Armstrong on all his dope would not out sprint me that day!

    I want to do KY again, this time with a motor between my legs, LOL! And do the bourbon trail. And visit my old friend, in Bagdad, KY. He calls me up, a few weeks after 9/11, and tells me he is moving to Bagdad. I'm like WTF? He was too old to join the service. Then tells me he picked up a gentlemen farm, 30 some acres. His timing could have been better.


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      I like the look of those pictures! I just read an article about Rabbit Hash KY, the mayor is a dog! The bourbon trail looks pretty cool too, Iíd definitely take the tour even though I donít drink. Itíd be cool to bring back a bottle straight from the barrel! I guess Iíll be bagging my reservation for ďThe CollisionĒ - Iíd rather meet you folks in person and ride with The Herd! Iím in!

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        Originally posted by Big D View Post
        Thought I'd bump this old thread, as Kentucky is in our thoughts recently.

        note, I'm not lobbying for or against, for Herd 10... these are some pics I had of days gone by...

        Here are a few more:

        Mammoth Cave Nat'l Park, ferry across the Green River, after a morning shower

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        Mammoth Cave Nat'l Park

        Click image for larger version

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        That looks like an eerie place with the fog showing up like that!
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          Looks nice! I haven't been to KY since I was a little kid. We lived in Louisville for a couple years when I was 5 and 6, until I was an adult that was the only time I lived outside Colorado. I have fuzzy memories so it would be nice to see. We'll wait until the location and dates are firmed up to make a decision, but I would love to see everyone.
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