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  • My HERDSTOCK report

    Will be hard to get very much in without writing a book but here goes…

    Dixie you did an awesome job prepping this trip. It all was perfect THANK YOU! Having your son Brian there was way cool as he watched the back of the pack incase we had strays (Thank you Brian). Keeping a bunch of cows together isn’t an easy task. Glad to have met ya’s. Moo to you both and we’ll meet again.

    Jirvin you sacrificed doing the bike ride yourself just to keep us safe and moving along by being the chase vehicle with a trailer. Appreciated all the camping gear you brought for our use. We thank you and your wife for that for all you’ve done in helping make this a much more enjoyable weekend for us all.
    Yes we enjoyed your pug Chloe! Looking forward to seeing you folks again. Thanks again!

    Check_Valve (Fearless) Thank you for not only spending a bucket of dough for groceries (wouldn’t take any help to pay for it either) but also for spending hours cooking for us all. As you know we really enjoyed your kabobs and everything else you cooked was absolutely perfect!!! Look forward to our next ride together.
    Moo to ya brother!

    IronHead I’m really glad you didn’t shoot me for trying to run off with your pack of stickers. Not only was I pretty wasted by then but I too can have a “duh” moment now and again. Your pork chops were the bomb man! I had two and me OL wished she hadn’t already eaten a hamburger before she had one. She wanted more as did I; they were that good and you sure brought plenty. Thanks for cooking em up for us! Your wife is a doll and happy 12th to you both! Great to finally meet ya.

    The Boss. Bud you’re the best! I can write a whole lot about how you helped us to reach this point and all you’ve done but you’ll just be modest about it cause that’s the type of man you are so I’ll just make it short. THANK YOU for everything! It was a complete pleasure to meet you and the Mr.’s Boss. Thanks for bringing RebaRed with ya. The finest group of people I’d ever want to be with. Look forward to seeing you all again.

    41BigDawg You the man! Even though you weren’t there we most certainly felt your presence and toasted you for your generosity in keeping us in beer. We didn’t run out thanks to you. You’re a true brother to the HERD. Look forward to meeting you some day. I owe you many beers!

    To all the other HERDsters. Thank you my brothers and sisters for sharing your lives with us. It was the best group of strangers I’ve ever run with but I knew that coming into it. The wife now knows why I’ve spent so much time on-line with you bunch of methane makers and why we had to make this trip. We had the best time possible and truly enjoyed meeting you one and all! Till the next time my friends, Moo to ya’s!

    We started out by meeting up with BigWorm and his wife around Hot springs NC and that went smoothly. Always good to see the Worm, he’s a party of one and lots of fun to be around. We managed to find the Ramada and the campground without any hassles. Was good to see Toor (Tidda) and his pal Fred at the hotel. I’ve ridden with those two before and it’s always been a great day tagging along with em. Best men you’d ever hope to meet. Those boys can ride those sleds! (We seen you on the way home weaving in and out them construction barrels Toor, you’re a wild man!)
    After making our way to the campground we started meeting folks that were already there and those that came in later. Hung around for a while and decided it was time to go eat and get some rest for the next day’s big ride.

    We meet up at the McDonalds on Saturday morning and after getting some instructions from our Sheppard (Dixie) we headed out and managed to keep it together till we had no more stop lights to deal with.
    We rode through some beautiful countryside and had some pretty decent roads to ride on all through there.
    For a group of strangers we did really well in keeping it together.
    Riding around through that whole route was pretty damn cool. I remember one feller holding up his baby and helping it wave to us all. Was some elderly feller standing next to his car and he was just a grinning and waving his hand till it about fell off. There were a few others along the way that obviously enjoyed seeing this group pass on by. It sure was a good looking string of bikes. Some of the views were of bikes winding their way around them hills and some were of bikes going down a stretch as far as you could see because of turns or going over the top of a hill. I’m sure there will be plenty of pics showing this ride.
    We did stop at a place to get a quick beer and yes there was some banjo pickin going on there. Pretty cool stop. Didn’t hear anyone say “we gonna make you squeal like a pig boy” So that was a relief since we didn’t have our sacrificial BigWorm to roll on down to them. (J/K Rob…maybe) <G>.
    Made it back to the campground and folks began getting ready to cook supper. I continued meeting others I hadn’t met yet and we commenced to socializing. Trying to remember everyone’s name was very hard for my sorry azz so please forgive me if I forgot yours. I will never forget the camaraderie tho.
    We had some of the best eats (thanks to all those who did the cooking and providing) and after that we had our auction and I won a shirt that ziderman (Simon) donated. It’s from his home in the UK and apparently it is from a rally they hold over there and has to do with crossing some well known bridges "Hoggin The Bridge". My wife laid claim to it right away so all’s I got was to pay for it. The auction went pretty well and some items I’d like to have bid on but me better half kept saying “you already got 2-3 of those” Oh well…
    After a bit more socializing someone came in and said the cops were sitting up the road and we felt sure they were waiting for us to leave. Some transportation was being made available by Happy Hour to carry those who needed it to the hotel and bring em back in the morning. Another fine HERDster right there (Thanks Mike) I decided to curb my drinking so I could ride my scooter back and figured on getting pulled over.
    We finished out our evening and drove on back to the hotel without incident and yes the law dogs were waiting but they didn’t pull me over. Gave them no reason to…or I’m so friggin ugly they was skeered…Guess they didn't bother anyone at all.

    Gathered ourselves together the next morning at the campground and had BigWorm his wife, toorglide (Tidda) and Fred along with wndchsr and his wife follow us on back to North Carolina. Pretty much an uneventful ride home and glad it was so.
    Can’t say it enough but we had the best time with everyone there. Everything went off as good as you could hope. I can only say if we spent another day or so it would have been even better. Was just getting to know who folks were and it was time to go. Bummer…I’m ready to do this again and I don’t care where it is so long as we can hang out together once again. We had a blast! We are the HERD and we are a mighty fine group of folks. Moo
    P.S some say it was like a family reunion. I can only say I’m glad it wasn’t like a Martin’s family reunion (No cops showed up at this one).
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    Wow - You and DevilDog and a few others know how to paint a picture perfect story! Wife and I also enjoyed spending time with you Saturday evening! Just like family indeed.

    Thank you for everything and thanks a million for your contribution and support as well.
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      Your welcome my friend. I had to cut it down some. Took me two days to get it posted... it was a book at first. I have too much time way too often.
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      09 FXDF "PABS"

      R.I.P. Rick Massey "Double secret agent 00019......"
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        When it comes down to letting us know about your experience with others/events...I have all the time in the world for you or anyone! Good job narrowing it down!
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          well versed account of HERDstock.

          I haven't been able to put anything in writing fingers would be numb by the time I was halfway done.

          Meeting all you fine HERD folk, the best time I could imagine having
          Ride in Peace Wndchsr


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            I still have a broke' down mountain of a computer still that I am working on and haven't put out anything either. It'll be too late to post up anything but I hope everyone knows how welcomed everyone made EVERYONE feel.
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              Damn I regret not making it. Saw a tat today on a guys chest of the board game "LIFE" with script that said "This Game Sucks". That was what I was feeling by not making the trip, but some of the post like yours give a really good insight to the event and make me feel as though I was almost there. I will, if at all possible, be at the next one.
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                What a great report Stone, it was a pleasure meeting you brother,thanks
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                  Nice report, wish I could add what all of you that have posted the reports and your experience, but I would just be repeating what has already been said.
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                    Great post Stone ! Aint much left to say after that. But I will say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that showed up to make it such an unforgetable event. And a Big THANK YOU from the entire Cox family for the support you have given through this tragidy in our family. God Bless you all.
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                      Very well said Stone.
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