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    I don't do good in crowds that big. I am thinking about going to Ohio bike week to check that out though this year.
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      It's all in what you go for - we don't stay at the campgrounds (Buffalo Chip, FTS, etc.) or do the concerts, don't do the party scene and we generally spend only one day downtown and head out before the "night shift" starts up. The riding is great the week before, still plenty of other bikes to see, which is a lot of fun IMO, but most of the boneheads haven't arrived yet. We always stay either in Rapid or Spearfish, which is fun because you still get to meet people, share a few beers and laughs and have a good time, but nobody's riding loaded and it's so much quieter. Still, this year we're going because it may be the last time the family all gets to go together, and with my kidlet we'll be 3 generations. That's going to be fun. But there are too many other places to go to spend my limited time off every year doing Sturgis.
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        Originally posted by wndchsr View Post
        Have been to Sturgis twice and that was once too many............................Way too many people and lots of drunks riding around. Everyone should go at least once but I wouldn't make it this year. Expecting 1 million people? Ain't no way I would go out there in that mess this year. After having done both....................I enjoy our trip to Arkansas in September each year way better than Sturgis.
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          I wanna go back at least once.....couldn't do all I wanted to do the first time.
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