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Engine vibration ???

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  • Engine vibration ???

    Have 2009 Electra Glide Classic 96 CI

    I notice, barley/slightly, a vibration, around 2500/3000 rpms...
    Just wondering if this is somewhat normal.

    I notice it going thru the gears.... so I don't think it's the Primary or gears...

    Like I said barely noticeable. So I;m thinking it a feature....

    I have 1999 Softail Evo, and the Evo's definitely have a vib. at certain rpm, just a feature of those.
    The EVO is much more noticeable than the TC.

    So I was wondering if it was the same with the TC.

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    I would start at the motor mounts, and then anything with a bolt on it. I have a Phd. in chasing phantom noises on my ghetto glide. But a sound/vibration at an RPM that you can replicate tells me something is loose or reacting to the harmonics of the motor at that RPM. And the way the V-twin is built where you think you hear it coming from, most likely is not where the source of the noise is. I had what I thought top end issues cause that is where the noise was coming from. After rebuilding the top end no less than three times, it ended up being the crank was walking on me.

    Good luck and let us know what you find.
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      The old shovel heads had a top mount on the engine to the backbone of the frame, if that mount let loose, You would really know what a vibration is all about. LOL
      Motor and trans mounts first, eliminate the easy stuff.
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