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  • Reduce engine heat

    Have a 09 Glide Classic 96"

    Any ideas on cooling it down ?

    I know there are oil coolers you can get, but they don't help much when you're stopped in traffic... unless you get the ones with a fan
    and they are expensive.

    Wondering if anyone came up with a creative alternative idea ?

    For instance I was wondering if you could add and mount an additional oil can in the system, even if you only got an extra qt in there
    that should help some ??

    How about the heat wrap around the exhaust pipes, does that at least help keep the driver cooler ?

    Any thoughts or other ideas ?
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    Have the Harley dealer re-map it to run a little richer. Might cut yur mileage down a bit but she’ll run cooler for ya!
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      I have a 09 Road King. My nuts shriveled away from the heat. Nothing you can really do about it, you have your legs wrapped around a 300 degree engine. Enjoy the ride, you don't need them anyway!


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        I’ve heard guys talk about “Love Jugs” fan helping with the heat here in NY traffic but have no direct experience with them. It’s a unit that mounts on the side and blows cool air across the heads.

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          Originally posted by B-Man View Post
          Have the Harley dealer re-map it to run a little richer. Might cut yur mileage down a bit but she’ll run cooler for ya!
          This is the KEY. One heck of a choice too. Your bike will run stronger, cooler and longer. Speaks someone with a bike that has well over 117,000 miles without a major breakdown.

          Map it to run COOLER is key in hotter climate areas! You will pay for the price of fuel....But better then paying a grand for repairs at the dealer.
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            I also have a 96" in my '09 Deluxe. They just run hot. Saddle shields will help SOME, and an oil cooler sounds like a good idea (I don't have one but think I need it, oil temps consistently at 240 or above when the weather is hot). I think B hit the nail on the head with re-mapping, and I've been told that running a synthetic oil will also help - I can't speak to this as I've only run synthetic since my bike was new so no basis for comparison.
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              I agree with all the other members input. I have been up on two from the shovel head days and fuel mapping has a bigger effect on heat between the legs issue than anything you can bolt one to ease the issue. Being air cooled, heat is regulated mainly by air fuel ratio. CART and other regulatory bodies are against Air cooled motors. I have an 08 Ghetto Glide with a stage 2 103 TC and it runs hot. And the only way I can recommend not overheating and cooking the family jewels is to keep the bike in motion.....
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