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Electronic ignition on my 77 fxe

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  • Electronic ignition on my 77 fxe

    Hey! I was comfy with the points. Been doing that forever. The mech advance. Been taking it apart and lubing it up. No problem.
    A couple years ago my mech advance unit wore out and I had to replace it. And at that time I saw all the other choices out there.
    In years past, shovel ignitions were just a pointless ignition that still ran dual fire. off the same crappy mech advance unit. But without points.
    These days there are lots of choices out there. I picked the one I did because it could work with kickstart. And because I'm a cheap bastard and I found a good deal on it.
    Compu-fire 21835-ks
    This is a kit that comes with the ignition module, Single fire coil, and plug wires.
    So. I stuffed all that in and..... Wasn't impressed. I still had back firing thru the carb when cold.(The main reason I wanted to go to single fire) And the bike didn't run any better.
    So. A bud I know that knows motors thought I might have valve problems. We did comp. and leak down tests and that 40 year old mill is tight tight. we found a vacuum cap that was cracked on the carb. and as luck would have it that was the same port where you would add a VOES
    And that's the key boys and guerrillas. That VOES really wakes it up under load and uphill.
    The ignition box has a bunch of settings, And I haven't played with all of em yet. But the old 74" climbs better than it ever has. And it starts one kick. Unless someone is looking. :-)
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    One cap can do that much! Glad you (he) found it. How about a video on the one kick?

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