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02 xl883c tire question

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  • 02 xl883c tire question

    Im sure youve heard my question b4,but im a bewbie here n cant seem to get any answers anywhere else.what type tire should i run on my spirty?bias or radial. Friends say radial,while books say not to run em with tubes,only a i know the difference btwn the 2,just not which to use.any help would b greatly appreciated!!
    btw,im 50,my 1st Harley, FINALLY ,an xl883c,but built with a big bore kit putting me at 1340cc,dual hyperchargers,baker cams,vance and hines drag pipes.n a few other extras.soon as shes outta paint ill post pics.shes little,but runs like a raped ape!!!

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    Most people I know use the bias tires but unless you are scraping knees on hairpins at high speed I don't think you will be able to tell the difference.
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      Awesome,thank u for taking time to answer


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        Kevin will surely have some input on this as he rides the tires off his sporty on a regular basis. Look for Liljo, that's his name on here.
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