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What the heck?

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  • What the heck?

    What the hell is going on here?? What the hell is wrong with me?

    It's really something, thinking back to a couple months ago, to when I did the annual maintenance on the bike... couldn't find much to do on it, and look at the mileage records and see there was no real reason to CHANGE THE OIL FILTER.

    I get to talking to some friends, former co-workers and the like, and we invariably drift into, "Hey, remember when we rode to X, lessee, that was Y rears back..." and you reflect you can't remember anything memorable last month... last 6 months.

    I see pics pop up on FB Memories... what happened that day, 7 years ago, 9 years ago. Jeez.

    Sometimes on Herd, I go back to old threads I started, and wonder at the passage of time. And "wonder" is not a happy wonder, but an uneasy one. I read with interest Deuce's excellent ride report to Herd 10, and was delighted to see some familiar territory, in Natchez and TN. And my recollections were 6 years ago.

    And following Kristy's travelogue thru the west.

    I have made a total of (4) rides this year of more than 100 miles. Three were commutes (yawn) and one, posted here, went basically, "My hip hurts and it won't quit raining and my hand hurts and the bike quit and I almost got run over twice... MOMMY!"



    So we all have interests, Some have accused me of having passions for somethings that border on the obsessive. Like taking a cast piece of aluminum and rubbing on it for a week and making it look like chrome. I did that to an entire motorcycle once... for 9 years.

    Fortunately, the one I have now is crinkle black.


    Got a call from a friend and former co-worker the other day. He picked up a Glock single stack sub compact (I think a G-43) and was itching to get out again to the range. I agreed to go, sounded like fun. I used to spend a lot of time there. An hour at the range is always fun. Anyway, I looked at my ammo supply and put in an order for .40 cal coated lead bullets, as I was low.

    I always looked forward to reloading as much as shooting. So, last night, I got all my stuff out, and reloaded 200 rounds of .40 S&W for my Glock cop gun, and arranged to borrow my son's G-30S in .45 acp.

    Once again, I was stunned. I always date my loading/carry boxes with data, including the date. In my inventory, all the boxes were dated 2015, 2016, and ONE box 2017.

    Was it that long ago?

    I had a hell of a time setting up my little Lee turret press, but it came back. 200 rounds took me a while, as I always err on the cautious, and care was taken.

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    So! I'm working in the home office, killing a few minutes until I have a conference call, then I'm getting in the car, meeting my bud for lunch then the range!

    Time to have a little fun!


    2001 FXDX Superglide Sport. More horses than a feller would want

    Official HERD Member #00192

    "What, me worry?" Alfred E. Neuman


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      I remember your reloads. I remember your arrival to Nebraska as you strolled in with an orange jumpsuit. I remember your Natchez trip but I have to reflect on pictures.
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        Good time for this topic. I was just at a reunion of friends from a place called Rocky Point, LI - a place we all used to spend our summers. We’re all just a “little” older than the kids we were back then, but this was a common refrain! People all saying - “where did the time go?, why don’t we do that anymore?, remember when?”.... It may be just the passing of time, or maybe just the absence of youth, but it’s something we all need to fight as we get a little “more mature”. I guess. .. Just like Kristy getting on her bike for that epic solo tour, we just have to keep doing it to keep ourselves fresh and vital. That day at the reloading bench and range is as good a start as any! Nothing better than making some noise and little holes in those targets!

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