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  • Salsa, easy style

    Figured I'd just make this it's own thread...

    Salsa is easy to make, and very customizable:

    Tomatos (red)/Tomatillos (green)
    Jalepenos (I prefer Serranos).

    put the tomatos and peppers in a plastic bag, put the bag in a bowl, and microwave them for about 7 minutes.

    take them out, pull the stems, and throw everything in a blender and pulse it a few times to chop up the onion and garlic....add salt to taste....DONE!

    That's just a basic salsa you can add other things to it...I like to add:

    A Poblano pepper, that I smoke on the grill, and remove the outer skin
    Some fresh lime juice (about half a lime)
    Dried chile's like Chipotle or Ancho
    A small amount of vinegar
    1-2 Habaneros

    Roma tomatos are preferred, but sometimes those grape tomatos add a good flavor to it.

    Vinegar and/or Lime Juice helps the salsa keep for longer.

    Another note, Neutralizes the taste from vinegar and vice versa...if you've got too much of one, then add the other.

    You can cook the tomatos and peppers any way you want, I prefer to smoke them, but the microwave makes it you can make salsa at home in about 10 minutes.

    Oh yeah, easy way to remove the skin from the smoked pepper, put it on the grill and blacken it all around. When you take it off, immediately put the pepper in a plastic bag and tie it up....after about 10 minutes you can take it out, and the black skin should peel off, easy.
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    That and a 6 pack of Carona's and I am good to go...
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      Mrs. makes some good home-made chips and that can be a smacking deal with your salsa!
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        hehe toasting the skins on a electric top is a bitch get ya a butane torch or maybe if ya got an oxy acetylene rig. But if ya do fresca you can leave the skins on.
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