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Mud bakin emergency baked taters

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  • Mud bakin emergency baked taters

    Ok if ya poor and cant afford aluminum foil or if ya short and cant reach the roll or if you forgot to bring it;

    You can get some mud, a clay loam is good it should hold its shape and not crack when rolled in a ball.

    Ya take this and shape it around anything ya want to BAKE that has a skin or wont soak up mud too bad, start off with a layer about half an inch thick. Then stick this in a fire preferably the area what is coals.Let it cook for awhile. Then pull it out the fire and eat it.
    This is good for potatoes and fish mostly so you can crack open the mud and brush off any dirt and still eat it without chewin on grit.
    I reccomend practisin on taters at first so you can get yur timin down. You can poke a small hole and test taters by pokin a rod in if it goes thru the tater easy its pretty done.
    You can stick lemons, butter, onions or other stuff alongside under the mud and it'll kinda stew in .
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    Wow, never herd such a thing!! That's some cool chit right there!!
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      ive done that before vlade but not with mud......built a fire over some buried taters, 20 minutes later, scrape the coals away from the taters, let cool and eat..also

      works with corn in the husk
      fish in the skin
      like you said.anything that has a skin food you can peel
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        mud is good cause it usually bakes hard almost like pottery and cracks off ,wont have a bunch of fine dirt to worry about clearing off. And I think the initial moisture helps steam your "dish" and maybe cook it a llitle moister. Course if you leave it too long anything is gonna get dryed out.
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          Oh yeah thats the real way to cook stuff!!!! Keeps all the flavor inside! The way it was done in the olden days....I haven't tried it but it always sounded so good! I think another way was to put coals in a hole in the ground, you could stuff birds and animals, rabbits and such, and wrap them in leaves and a layer of rocks then the food, cover it over and let it cook all day, veggies and all.....I read about it but have never tried it....
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            usually dig a hole, size depends on what you cookin, you build a big ass fire and let it die off to coals then you can use wet burlap , big tropical leaves is used for pig roasts in the islands.

            You cover it up and seal it pretty much and let it cook. You got the heated ground what dos the cookin too not jus the coals.
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              Thanks Vlade. Will give it a try.
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