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  • Harley

    Found a couple of pics of my old dog Harley, he was a Black Lab/German Shepard mix. I rescued him from a house that the owners had moved out of and left the mom and pups there to die, thats the only thing i can figure since they were completely moved out for 2 days and the dogs were still locked up in the back yard. We were able to give the other pups and mom to the next door neighbor who said they would take care of them till they could find them a home, I couldnt take them all because i wasnt supposed to have pets in my duplex i lived in at the time. The poor little guy was was severly malnourished and had worms...
    I got him fixed up and had a great friend for close to 8 years. In that time he got ran over twice, the first time he was about 1.5 years old he got out of the back yard of my house at the time and the car just clipped him he was just a little bruised up...the second time he was 4, my wife and i were on vacation and he was staying at the inlaws, he escaped from their back yard and got hit by a car at night, they found him in the ditch the next morning took him to the vet and called me. I came straight home and he had a cracked pelvis and 5 broken ribs. He mended up ok from that but was a little crotchety at the time he was 8 our daughter was 2 years old and he ended up biting her, not too hard but enough that i did not feel i could trust him anymore so i gave him a farmer who owned some land out of town and had no kids. I miss him, I'm not sure if he is still alive or not he would be about 11 years old now. Just cant bring myself to call the guy and ask.

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    Good story and sorry about the bite. Harley had a tough time and after to blows and the malnourishment and care that he received changed his views! Glad you still found a nice home at a farmers place. I bet he adapted well and is still kicking around!
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