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Lets Not forget

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  • Lets Not forget

    Say a prayer for the families of the responders that lost life from 911, also for those that are still suffering from the affects of the toxins that spewed forth from that tragic act of terrorism.
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    The 1,000 Flags 9-11 memorial at Minnetrista Center last night at sunset.

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      That is beautiful. Thank You for sharing with us.
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        I fear too many have forgotten. I, for one, will never forget. God bless those that died and the ones they left behind and those that survived but still suffer. I pray for you all.
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          Originally posted by hockeydawg12 View Post
          I fear too many have forgotten. I, for one, will never forget. God bless those that died and the ones they left behind and those that survived but still suffer. I pray for you all.
          I'm with you H-Dawg. Man, I ain't NEVER gonna forget.

          People where I'm from haven't even forgotten World War 2. It is amazing to me, however, that across this country, over the next coming year, over 500 Muslims will be running for various offices in this country, state, local, national, you name it.

          So yeah, I believe a lot of people have forgotten.
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            I ain't never going to forget either. Two hours east of me, an attack. Two hours south of me, an attack. Two hours west of me an attack. I won't ever forget that day or, forgive the bastards responsable, from the pilots to the deep pockets in some Muslim cell that financed and planned the attack.



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              Never forget!
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                I am reminded all the time but I do fear most have forgotten. I have the TWIN Towers in my garage and reflect each time I go there!
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                  I didn't wish to get political yesterday as the day was reserved in memory of those lost and, the ones we are still slowly losing due to the aftermath of contamination. May our Christian God Bless each of them.

                  We have Mosques being built all over. We have not so secret "camps" in our rural areas. We have radicals running for offices across the country. Radicals from the dubbed terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood holding positions in our government. There are areas of Detroit taken over by Muslims and additional, growing communities across our country.

                  Freedom of religion is one thing. It's another when practitioners of Islam attack us, again and again both here and abroad. How many of you remember when all this sh*t started back in 1969 with the hijacking of airplanes? The list of terror against America from the Muslim world is endless. The cells that popped up in the US during the Obama years are many.

                  At what point do we pack up all these people and ship them back to where they came from? How is it that the government, let alone "we the people", tolerate this crap? What will our kids and grandkids have to deal with in 10/20/50 years, because the current generation accepts the status quo?

                  My oldest grandson is in the 4th grade. He made a new friend, a Muslim. Kids will be kids and they play together. I talk to him 4 - 7 nights a week, he lives in another state. His new friend is telling him all about his religion. How allah is better then our God. How many 10 year olds discuss their religion with other kids? I'd like to think most all. I'd bet a Harley it's few because Christian kids are not taught or exposed to the hatred that exists in Islam.

                  The government sends our kids to die in the Middle East to protect our freedoms yet allows the enemy to surround us at home, allows them to hold office, allows them camps and mosques to flourish at, protected by the guise of peaceful religious freedom.

                  You don't see Latino's attacking America. Or Asians. Or Inuit Eskimos. And they come here and live in peace. Muslims continue to attack us and we welcome them here with open arms. I don't believe the talk that only a few are radical...if the few can make it better for the family, the family will go along with the plan and enjoy the gain.

                  Yesterday local talk radio had a retired CIA senior operative on the show. Eye opening and mind blowing. We have lived blessed lives, it's time we start thinking about our future generations and assure they too will have a good life in America or America will become the shithole muslims flourish in. How? I dunno. Just start/keep paying attention to what is going on to start.