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Happy Birthday U.S.A

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  • Happy Birthday U.S.A

    And a wonderful July 4th to everyone.
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    Happy Birthday America!!!

    Enjoy the holiday HERD!!!
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      Happy FOURTH of July!
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        Lots of fireworks all over town, more than I have ever seen, then, God sent in His fireworks along with a little rain to put out any possible fires, then back to the human fireworks.
        The VFW club, through a fund drive, puts on a mighty good show of fireworks. No one was required to wear masks, self distancing or none of that stuff. I stayed home, I can see and hear the displays real good from My front yard and door. I love them reports, no flashy display, just a big flash of light, then, a few seconds later the loudest booooom legally available to the civilian populations. Rattles the windows a mile away at My house, sends the pets, kids and little old ladies scurrying for cover.
        The dawg, She dont mind all the boomin, whizzin and poppin, the cat though, he runs behind the couch and crawls in some sort of a cubby hole back there, look back there and just his tail is sticking out. If He knew it was visible, I`m sure He would pull it in too.
        The little cat I sent to Denver, I taught her to ot be afraid of lightening and thunder, She would set at the front door and watch lightening and hear the thunder, and, watch all the fireworks. It took a little doing when she and Her brother were small kittens, just set there with them during a thunderstorm and pet them and tell them its okay. They both would set and watch fireworks, even the bigger boomers from the neighbors would not scare them.
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