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A Day Late to the GREAT DADS, Happy Belated Father's Day!!

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  • A Day Late to the GREAT DADS, Happy Belated Father's Day!!

    To all the amazing, wonderful fathers that make up this pasture, I hope you were all blessed with a wonderful day on your special day!!
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    Thank you Sporty and God bless .... Glenn
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      Thanks for the thought Sporty and a belated Happy Fathers Day from me too to all the HerdDads....had grandson #3 sleeping over Saturday night, a rare treat. I made Sunday morning pancakes for him and got some cuddling time in watching cartoon network. After he went home to his dad, me 'n Patty took a six hour ride(dang it was hot) and got lost in the PA and NY mountains, picked up some steaks and chicken on the way home and grilled up a small feast. Some baked sweet potatoes, Bush's baked beans and a few ears of corn rounded out the meal. A good day!


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        Thank you Sporty. All I did was recoup from the previous 2 nights.
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          Wonderful Fathers day.
          Saturday My eldest son machined his AR lower and We assembled His rifle, He had bought two, told Me the other rifle was for a Fathers day gift to Me.
          Got cards from the boy and grandchildren in Alaska.
          Sunday went to My sisters for the annual Fathers day gathering.
          A very nice time was had.
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