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  • Note from JBone

    (Thanks Drum Dog for the reminder)

    What's up Frank, thanks for looking out. Been Crazy, everything good & bad all happening @ once. I have been on bike once & can't think of last time I got to sit & log onto computer, I'll shoot over to site one of these days to tell my stories.

    Hi to everyone, hope all is well on your side, ride safe. Jay
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    whats with jbone?
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      He's been busy and has not had enough time to sit and log on! But will do it soon and will update us with what's happening in Connecticut with him!
      2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
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        Thanks for the update boss, hope everything goes well with JBone
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          Updates are good.

          I'm glad things are smoothing out here. Everything all at once is a pain in the ass.......

          It'll get better Jay!
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            I was wondering where he has been the other day.
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              Come around JBone.
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                Hope all is ok or turns out ok
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                  Thanks for the update Boss. Was wondering myself where he was....
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                    I had to resurface this thread since we have been asking about Jay about three weeks ago.
                    Last text that I got from him was he's been busy again lately.....

                    Hey SNUGGIE'MAN.....Stay warm!!!
                    2010 FLHX - Street Glide - 140,100 miles
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                      I just talked to him last week

                      He got his nacelle and was having it fitted and such

                      he is well, just takin a break from the internet it sounded like
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