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Senseless Beating of a good Man....

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  • Senseless Beating of a good Man....

    I was attending some meetings for the scout program last night, when I got a call from my wife. She informed me that our neighbor (moved across town) was in the hospital in serious condition.

    I asked her what happened, and she told me that he had been beaten by 3 individuals at our city recreation center. Based on her story, this is what happened...

    He asked one of the men to watch out for an automated door next to one of the counters, as it is known to be a problem on occasion.

    The first attacker told him to shut up and mind his own buisness, then hit him in the face.

    Two more attackers joined in, and they proceeded to shatter his face while he layed helpless on the ground.

    After the attack, the three men went outside as the police arrived. One of the men was arrested on site, and as the ambulance arrived, the other two blocked its access to the facility to prevent medical help from getting to him..

    They were arrested shortly after that..

    From what we have heard, the first to be arrested will be charged with assault. And obstruction of justice for blocking the police.

    The other two will be charged with assault, obstruction of justice, assault with the intent to do bodily injury or harm, and possibly assault with the intent to kill based on their actions in blocking the ambulance from entering the facility...

    He has been in surgery most of the day getting his facial bones re-constructed...And he is expected to make a good recovery...

    It's very sad, he's a good friend i've know for years, and one of the nicest people i know....He was a victim of senseless violence....

    Prayers sent out to you Don...Get better soon brother.....g
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    That really sucks. Hope he gets better. Lock those people up!
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      Man that is sad... WTF is wrong with people...
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        That is the kinda shit that really pisses me off. Those kinda people are the scum of this earth and have no right to take another breath of air. You know if the punishment fit the crime we would not hear of these kinda things as often. I think they should be beaten to death for being coward scum sucking menaces to society.

        Hope your friend comes out ok Gruss
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          Man that is the crap that just gets my blood boiling as those three piss ants need to be publicly shot to freaking death, period. Scum, trash sucking pukes like that are nothing but a waste of oxygen.
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            Oh, I hope your friend fully recovers.
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              I hope your friend recovers well. do you know if there was any motivation for the occurance?
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                Maybe we should just move Herdstock to Utah, if you get my drift.

                Greg, my thoughts are with your friend and the story just makes me sick.
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                  g, sorry to hear about your friend! Can't understand people sometimes why they do what they do!! Takin' those 3 behind the woodshed would be proper justice!!
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                    Buryin' them behind the woodshed is more like it.
                    G, best wishes to your pal.


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                      Wow Greg! That is some fugged up sh!t!!! And my wife wonders why I'm not a "people person"...
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                        We have a cop out here that had a similar situation, he was talking to three kids out after curfew about a year ago, one for no reason pulled out a metal bb gun n pistol whipped the cop repeatedly and the other two jumped in. The cop had less than 10 per cent chance of survival and his skull was broken in several places. He should make a full recovery by the time this is all done. He's nearly there. I hope the same will be said for your neighbor. Every one should carry and be immune to prosecution if they put down people like that.
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                          I dont get where peoples brains are... what do people get out of hurting others..
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                            3 on 1 . Real chicken shit. Ive knew a few like that. Never open their fuggin mouth when you see em alone.
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                              Fuzuck it,I`m packin,I pray a full recovery on Your friend.
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                                Ive been down that road on two different occasions...had the crap beat out of me and one of my buddies at the movie theater one night because we asked a group of guys that were sitting behind us to be quiet. We got jumped on the way to our car after the movie, 5 of them 2 of us. I lost some teeth and broke my jaw, my buddy got tossed through a plate glass window and almost severed his spinal cord!! Senseless violence just pisses me off ;)

                                sure hope your buddy pulls through OK!!
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                                  Gruss, that's one of many reasons we don't go out to public places, same Bullshit happens no matter where ya go anymore and it sucks! The last time I went out to a public place, (not a biker event) was a movie, 4 assholes started some crap beating this guy for no reason, I jumped in and so did another guy, saving this guy's butt! It really sucks that can't go out without fear of something like this happening!

                                  Hope your neighbor has full recovery and they lock them assholes up for a very long time!
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                                    This is why I have a permit to carry, and do, always.


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                                      Originally posted by Superhog View Post
                                      This is why I have a permit to carry, and do, always.
                                      Dont need no stinkin permit!!! Gruss hope your buddy gets better. I do know some "people" in SLC,just sayin.
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                                        Thats horrible!!! I hate that crap... Hope your friend heals well Gruss
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