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  • storms

    we just got almost an inch and a half of rain in teh past 1 hour here, and just a few minutes ago, it started to hail.

    I want a new roof on my house, but this hail wasn't enough to do any damage. about 40 seconds worth of pea to marble sized hail.

    maybe next time, lol

    several years ago I worked construction, specializing in roofing and vinyl siding.

    2 years in a row, we had bad hail storms, I made killer money those two years
    Ride in Peace Wndchsr

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    Look as if it's ready to blow up over here as well.
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      Looks like we got more heading my way here in so. illinois
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        and now we are under a tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning, and a large hail watch (never heard that one before)
        possible quarter sized hail possible as this system dumped quarter sized and larger hail in Illinois as it was heading this way.
        I think Brian sent it to me from Kansas
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          Well, crap, does that mean it's coming our way....OH
          Miles are on a road map, close to home is here
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            we had rain, sleet, snow, then rain again then cleared up and the wind blowin 45 mph gusts!!! Someone is gettin what we had!!!!
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              Keep all that love up North.
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                We ended up just getting rain. I didn't even get woken up by storms.
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                  no rain today, or at least a very slight chance of it. but temps are now in the low 50's and going to fall into the 40's throughout the day.....wondurful...thanks Mr Al Gore, thanks for not sharing your precious global warming with Indiana
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                    Got hit with snow, most of it missed here, maybe 4 inches but just north of here most of the highways are closed.
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