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Bike's almost ready for Paintsville trip

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  • Bike's almost ready for Paintsville trip

    just need to nail up a couple more things and she'll be good to go.
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    You hook up a satellite dish to that bad boy and you need never get off!:D
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      Sure it will make it?

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        It made it to that campsite, it can make it to HERDSTOCK !
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          is that a rollin out house?!?!?!?
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          How about STFU and have a glass of MOO
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            That's a sweet scooter/sh!tter there!
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              Looking at it..makes me want to go again.... BRB....
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                looks like we wont need that kiddie pool for all the beer now.........good look Happy
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                  That will come in handy!
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                    I was chatting with dean monday night. I am SO ready to go NOW.......right now. We were talking about riding there, then camping out, and waiting for the rest of you to show up. :D:D
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                      Does the puddin go in the tub for the wrestlin?
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                        That will work in so many different ways!
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                          If your there saturday Thats when Ill need a tubby bubbles are optional...hehehe