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  • This says it all

    This is absolutely unbelieveable.. make sure you read the stats under the picture..

    Hoven's Index for June 7, 2010

    Unemployment rate in May 2010: 9.7%

    Unemployment rate in January, February and March 2010: 9.7%

    Unemployment rate for blacks: 15.5%

    Unemployment rate for teens: 26.4%

    Number of total jobs added in May: 431,000

    Number of temporary census worker jobs added in May: 411,000

    Net government jobs added: 390,000

    Private sector jobs added: 41,000

    Decline in construction jobs: 35,000

    Decline in retail jobs: 6,600

    Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics and St. Louis Fed/FRED.
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    Census jobs will drop the unemployment rate somewhat, and temporarily....which is like putting a band aid on a severed limb.
    It's not "derailed", as long as the last post relates to the post above's just on a different rail, heading into a more interesting direction


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